Moses Ludel Lecture and Slideshow: Cast Iron TIG Repair

Moses Ludel’s Guest Lecture and Slideshow at the 2011 Spring Midwest Willys Reunion: TIG Repair of a Large Cast Iron Axle Housing!      Damaged, rare axle castings can be repaired. In this presentation at the 2011 Spring Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel discusses the right filler rod and TIG welding technique for best outcomes when restoring […]

How-to: Braze Repair of Damaged Axle Shaft Threads

Tapered axle shaft threads are often ruined by improper use of force to remove a wheel hub and brake drum during brake and axle service work.  Hub pullers are used to remove tapered rear axle hub/drum assemblies.  Used improperly, a hub puller can crush the end of a tapered axle shaft and mushroom the cotter pin […]

How-to: Iron Engine Block Casting TIG Weld Repair

Professional Iron Block Casting Repair with Weld Mold 700/750 TIG Filler Rod! See this Caterpillar engine block repair, using TIG (GTAW) welding process and Weld Mold Company 700 and 750 filler rod. The bare block fix, performed on the shop floor at Brad Falin’s Fernley, Nevada heavy equipment repair facility, took two hours and saved thousands of dollars. […]

Articles: Welding & Brazing How-to

Articles: Welding & Brazing How-to

Improve Your Welding & Brazing Skills—Right Here!        Automotive and motorcycle  work can involve swapping engines, installing lift kits, building roll cages and tire carriers, restoring vintage Willys frames or repairing the broken and fatigued chassis of a Jeep CJ or Wrangler. To do this properly requires a knowledge of metals, especially their tensile […]