OTC 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit

A cooling system pressure test can diagnose hose and radiator leaks, damaged gaskets and casting cracks. The OTC Tools 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit includes hose adapters for a wide range of conventional and degas cooling systems. Modern cooling systems often seal completely at the radiator. There is no filler neck for testing […]

OTC Tools: How to Quickly Remove Broken Manifold Studs

Removing a broken manifold stud becomes a very expensive repair if the cylinder head gets damaged in the process. Conventional use of a drill and screw extractor often ruins an aluminum cylinder head. At the 2016 SEMA Show, OTC Tools demonstrated the use of the OTC 6982PMC stud removal tool and a drill guide kit, […]

New OTC Evolve Scan Tool Demonstration

OTC Tools is on the leading edge of troubleshooting and diagnostics tools. The latest Evolve scan tool features diagnostics capability and a troubleshooting interface with the internet. In this demonstration at the 2016 SEMA Show, see how repair shops and serious DIY troubleshooters can perform quick diagnostics to pinpoint trouble code causes. Tests can be performed […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference: SPX Solutions Tools

SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference:  SPX-OTC and Actron Diagnostics Tools Service Solutions/SPX came to the SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference with a variety of OTC and Actron diagnostic tools and products. SPX is an OEM supplier of automotive electronics, diagnostic test equipment, digital battery testing equipment, tachometers, specialty tools and equipment, gauges and diagnostic software. See the latest […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – 2013 SEMA Show: Latest OTC Tools at the AAPEX Show

2013 SEMA Show: Latest OTC Tools at the AAPEX Show  Bosch/OTC Tools came to the 2013 AAPEX Show with the latest tool offerings. 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network interviewed and toured the OTC Tools booth to share the latest innovations. See highly versatile professional tools now available from OTC Tools. The magazine’s HD video tour […]