How-to: Gaither GT12-1US Precision Tire Balancing

Gaither Takes Balancing to the Next Level: GT12-1US Manual Computer Tire Balancer… The Gaither GT12-1US is a heavy duty, manually operated computer tire and wheel balancer. Portable and easy to operate, the machine is ideal for commercial truck and bus shops, fleet operators and independent 4×4 light truck shops. We test 4×4 aftermarket wheels and […]

Change Tires at Your Shop or a Remote Site

For decades we have sublet tire service. We ended that with Gaither Tool Company products. Manual tools and equipment now enable us to change tires at our shop. We can even perform tire service by the side of a remote trail. Hand service tools are available for passenger car, van, truck and powersports tires. With […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Rebuilding the Ross TL Steering Gear

How-to: Rebuilding the Jeep-Ross ‘TL’ Steering Gear! At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel was guest speaker to a large group of vintage Willys-Jeep enthusiasts who own 1941-71 models. In this segment, Moses discusses restoration of vintage Ross TL steering gears. These gears were original equipment in all Willys 4×4 military vehicles, 4WD civilian […]

SUR&R Oil Filter Cup

Put an End to Oil Change Messes! End the messy oil drips and puddles when changing an oil filter. The SUR&R Oil Filter Cup catches dirty oil and makes oil changes easier. Owners of Jeep® XJ Cherokee 4.0L models and others with horizontal oil filters can rejoice! Any oil filter change can be messy. Drips […]

Bolt-in Atlas Transfer Case for JL and JT Jeep® Models

At the 2019 SEMA Show, Advance Adapters introduced the bolt-in Atlas transfer case for the Jeep JT Wrangler and JL Gladiator. Minimized steps and retaining the OEM driveshafts make this a straightforward retrofit. Bolt-in means no need for measuring and constructing new driveshafts and other parts. This package will be welcomed by 4×4 shops and […]

OTC 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit

A cooling system pressure test can diagnose hose and radiator leaks, damaged gaskets and casting cracks. The OTC Tools 6977 Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit includes hose adapters for a wide range of conventional and degas cooling systems. Modern cooling systems often seal completely at the radiator. There is no filler neck for testing […]

5.9L Cummins CRD Injection System Cleaning

Maintaining Expensive Injection Components… Routine Cummins CRD injection system cleaning can help protect the expensive CP3 pump and Bosch injectors. Our regular service includes two effective methods for restoring fuel injector spray patterns, maximizing performance and improving fuel efficiency. For purging contaminant debris and flushing the injection system, we use Sea Foam Motor Treatment. One […]

White Knuckle Off Road Products Rock Sliders

Review and How-to Installation: White Knuckle Off Road Product Rock Sliders for Gen 3 Ram 2500/3500 4×4 Trucks… When our electric retractable running board motors failed, we searched the market for the best solidly mounted step boards. In this HD video review and installation, see why White Knuckle Off Road Products’ rock sliders became the […]

Testing Cooper® Discoverer AT3 XLT™ Tires

For an accurate test of the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tires, our first step was precision mounting and balancing of the tires. (See the Part 1 video.) In the Part 2 video, we prepare the Ram 3500 for testing then test the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tires both on- and off-road. Part 2 video concludes […]

Professionalize Your Shop With Permatex Products

Professionalize Your Shop With Permatex Products

Permatex products have been a part of my automotive work for over half a century. Quality repairs, fleet maintenance and high performance upgrades require the right adhesive sealants, thread lockers, pipe and flange sealants and gasket makers. Meeting OEM or higher standards and producing the best results, Permatex delivers. These Permatex products are always within […]

3M Products for a Productive and Safer Shop

3M Products for a Productive and Safer Shop

3M Means Lasting Quality …3M products have been a mainstay at my shop. Trademarked and patented 3M products meet the highest standards. In these three HD video tours (Part 1: Body Work, Part 2: Service Work and Part 3: Safety/Protective products), I share my favorite 3M “soft tools” and safety gear.—Moses Ludel… Workdays Involve 3M […]

Curing an Engine Knock with SUR&R Tools and Sea Foam®

Curing an Engine Knock with SUR&R Tools and Sea Foam®

Engine Noise May Not Be Catastrophic! Sometimes an engine knock means bad lower end bearings or piston trouble. Often, however, simpler tune related noises can mimic a serious engine knock. Before tearing our Jeep 4.0L engine apart, we thoroughly cleaned the top end and injectors with S.U.R.&R.’s professional grade tools and Sea Foam® Motor Treatment. […]

How-to: Braze Repair of Damaged Axle Shaft Threads

Tapered axle shaft threads are often ruined by improper use of force to remove a wheel hub and brake drum during brake and axle service work.  Hub pullers are used to remove tapered rear axle hub/drum assemblies.  Used improperly, a hub puller can crush the end of a tapered axle shaft and mushroom the cotter pin […]

BD Diesel Performance Differential Covers and Royal Purple Max Gear Lube

The BD Diesel Performance aluminum alloy differential covers for AAM 11.5″ and 9.25″ axles are more than just good looking! They are designed to sling a steady flow of lubricant over the ring gear to saturate the pinion gear with oil. Heavy duty Royal Purple ‘Max Gear’ lubricant runs cooler and works even more effectively […]

Review: FrostGuard® Ends Windshield Scraping and Frozen Wipers

FrostGuard® windshield and mirror covers are the best antidote for winter frost, ice, sleet and snow. Parking overnight can mean frozen windshield glass, mirrors and wiper blades. Often, defrosting glass requires lengthy running of the engine. Worse yet is the undesirable chore of scraping window glass and mirrors until your fingers grow numb. FrostGuard® can […]

Ram Truck 47RE and 48RE Transmission In-Chassis Survival Upgrades from BD Diesel Performance

Chrysler’s Ram truck 47RE and 48RE transmissions have a checkered history.  Derived from the rugged 3-speed A727 Torqueflite with an add-on 4th gear/overdrive sandwiched into the unit, these stock RE transmissions have an unpredictable lifespan. The magazine’s 2005 Ram 3500 4WD with 5.9L Cummins diesel power, purchased new 13 years ago, has now clocked 162-thousand […]

Monitor Cleaning with Shurhold Serious Shine and MicroFiber Towels

Our 49″ video editing monitor accumulates dust—and plenty of it! The 494K Crossover monitor is a valued, critical piece of equipment, and the screen requires special care. To clean the screen properly and establish an anti-static surface, we turned to Shurhold® Industries’ MicroFiber Towels and Serious Shine detailing cleaner.  This “kit” features three towels: Super Soft […]

Driving Light Upgrade and Tests: PIAA RF6 and LP530 Lights

Like other Dodge Ram Gen 3 trucks, the OEM headlamps on our 2005 Ram 3500 truck produce a subdued and diffused light pattern. Even with the low beams on and adjusted to specification, the dim and ineffective scattered light often confuses oncoming drivers who assume that the high beams are on.  Regardless of the adjustment method, the low […]

OTC Tools: How to Quickly Remove Broken Manifold Studs

Removing a broken manifold stud becomes a very expensive repair if the cylinder head gets damaged in the process. Conventional use of a drill and screw extractor often ruins an aluminum cylinder head. At the 2016 SEMA Show, OTC Tools demonstrated the use of the OTC 6982PMC stud removal tool and a drill guide kit, […]

History of Saginaw Rotary Valve Integral Power Steering Gear

Saginaw Rotary Valve Integral Power Steering Gear The Saginaw Rotary Valve integral power steering gear is reliable and durable. Its serviceability is much easier than other designs.  Like any automotive steering system, wear eventually leads to the need for at least resealing and ultimately rebuilding. There are exchange rebuilt gears available in the aftermarket and […]

Honda XR650R Top-End Engine Rebuild Trailer

Dirt four-stroke motorcycling part of your off-road lifestyle? This video trailer is brief highlights from the Vimeo On Demand streaming how-to 90-day rental on rebuilding the Honda XR650R upper engine. The instructional video features easy to navigate chapters. For access to the entire 54-minute program, including the bonus segments on valve adjustment and tuning tips […]

Trailer: Dirt Motorcycle Final Drive Chain and Sprockets Replacement Plus Performance Upgrades

     Dirt and dual-sport motorcycles require routine chain maintenance and periodic parts replacement. This is the trailer for the 28-minute HD video.The magazine’s Honda XR650R dual sport-converted enduro bike gets final drive system attention, which presents an opportunity to upgrade the chain and sprockets.      The detailed, step-by-step coverage of this important service […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Tuning and Troubleshooting the 2.5L Jeep TBI Four

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Tuning and Troubleshooting the 2.5L Jeep TBI Four

How-to: Tuning & Troubleshooting Jeep 2.5L TBI Four-Cylinder Engines In 1986, the AMC 2.5L/150 four cylinder engine gained throttle body injection in the XJ Cherokee applications. This same engine in the Jeep CJ models still used a carburetor. The YJ Wrangler application of the 2.5L, introduced with the 1987 models, came with TBI, making this […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Site Map and Content Directory

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Site Map and Content Directory

Contents at 4WD Mechanix Magazine and HD Video Network:  Quickly Find the Articles, Videos and PDF Downloads Available at the 4WD Mechanix© Magazine Website! Next >> 4WD Mechanix Magazine Home Page 4×4 truck, SUV and Jeep how-to articles, Q&A and multi-channel, HD 1080P video web television at the 4WD Mechanix Video Network. Featuring aftermarket product and […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Welding & Metal Fabrication Workshop

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Welding & Metal Fabrication Workshop

Welding & Fabrication Workshop: Improve Your Welding & Brazing Skills For many 4×4 shops and Jeep 4WD owners, welding plays an important role. If you repair, modify or upgrade Jeep 4WD vehicles or four-wheel drive components, welding is a vital skill. Want to do your own welding repairs and metal fabrication work? See the ‘how-to’ […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Slide Preview: Moses & Cody Off-Road Survival Workshop

Slide Preview: Moses Ludel and Cody Lundin 4WD Survival Workshops! It’s amazing how much backcountry you can cover in a Jeep 4WD. Just a few hours of low-range four-wheeling can put you miles from civilization. If a mechanical problem develops or a mishap occurs, are you prepared for survival? From my viewpoint, four-wheeling safety means […]

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video How-to: Time-Sert Repair for Damaged Spark Plug Threads

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video How-to: Time-Sert Repair for Damaged Spark Plug Threads

Video How-to:  Time-Sert Permanent Repair for Spark Plug Thread Damage      Spark plug thread damage is increasingly more common, mostly due to the popularity of aluminum cylinder heads on automotive and OHV engines. This HD video how-to demonstrates the Time-Sert® permanent repair for damaged spark plug threads. This insert kit allows for head-in-place installation […]