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  • The Off-Road Motorcycle Channel The Off-Road Motorcycle Channel at 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network provides a wide range of dirt and dual-sport motorcycle coverage. Features include how-to tech, rebuilding and maintenance, repair how-to, field emergencies, tuning tips, off-road riding, motorcycle camping and backcountry adventure touring. Enjoy HD video destination and adventure touring motorcycle coverage! The-Off-Road-Motorcycle-Channel.html
    • Honda XR650R How-to: Installing Acerbis Sahara 6.3 Gallon Fuel Tank The Honda XR650R is a rugged equipment package for desert enduro riding. By contemporary competition standards, 300 pounds wet is considered “heavy”, though winning the Baja 1000 repeatedly proved the mettle of this potent thumper! One weight-saving attempt was the factory 2.6 gallon fuel tank, which is simply too small for dual-sport riding or the magazine’s Big Red Pig (BRP) video filming platform! On the advice of Just Gas Tanks, the Acerbis Sahara 6.3 gallon replacement tank became our solution. In this detailed how-to HD video, see the installation of this large capacity aftermarket tank on the Honda XR650R motorcycle! Honda-XR650R-How-to-Installing-Acerbis-Sahara-6.3-Gallon-Fuel-Tank.html
    • Nelson-Rigg and TCI Products for the Dual-Sport Motorcycle The magazine’s Honda XR650R dual-sport motorcycle carries valuable video equipment and camping gear into the backcountry. For rugged, well-crafted luggage and durable racks and engine protection that will hold up to dirt and off-road motorsports environments, we turned to Nelson-Rigg and TCI Products. Nelson-Rigg luggage offers utility, the highest quality materials and the best designs available. TCI Products provides the best engineering and fit in racks, skid plates and engine guards. In this video series, see how Nelson-Rigg motorcycle luggage and TCI Products racks and engine protection work for us! Nelson-Rigg-and-TCI-Products-for-the-Dual-Sport-Motorcycle.html
    • Rebuilding the HondaXR650R Cylinder and Head at L.A. Sleeve Company The magazine’s Honda XR650R motorcycle came with very low hours on the bike. Unfortunately, the air filter had been sealing badly, and the result was an engine with damaged valves and excessively low compression. We turned to L.A. Sleeve for its Moly 2000 iron/chrome-moly alloy cylinder sleeve and cylinder head rebuilding. In this HD video, see what it takes to build an ultra reliable cylinder head and barrel at L.A. Sleeve. This bike will be used extensively as an HD video filming platform, and our aim is ultra-reliability for the remote backcountry! Rebuilding-the-HondaXR650R-Cylinder-and-Head-at-L.A.-Sleeve-Company.html
    • Latest Off-Road Racing News Many Jeep 4WD and Ram truck enthusiasts follow off-road racing. 4WD Mechanix Magazine is on the ground at a variety of these competition events. Look here for headline news and press releases from Ultra4, VORRA and other desert and off-road racing venues! Latest-Off-Road-Racing-News.html
    • Meet Team Robby Bobby The inaugural 2012 Every Man’s Challenge drew teams from around the U.S. One team earned a large following online, and at the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers event week, 4WD Mechanix Magazine interviewed the crew and heard post-race reflections. See the Jeep CJ-7 race car and Team Robby Bobby up close! Meet-Team-Robby-Bobby.html
    • HD Video: B.F. Goodrich Pro Pit at the Races Behind the scenes at every off-road racing event are the pit crews. In addition to the race team crews, tire and repair crews like the Pro Pit (Yerington, Nevada based) provide vital service for the race cars. At the 2011 Stampede Ultra4 Race, the Pro Pit represented B.F. Goodrich racers. In this HD video, get insight into how this crew prepares and stocks a highly effective remote service program. HD-Video-B.F.-Goodrich-Pro-Pit-at-the-Races.html