Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Q&A Vlog: Ross Cam-and-Lever Versus Saginaw Steering Gear

Q&A Vlog: Jeepster Ross Cam-and-Lever Versus Saginaw Steering Gear

In this HD video vlog, Moses Ludel shares steering gear options with a 1971 Jeepster owner. The owner has considered rebuilding the Ross cam-and-lever steering gear versus upgrading to Saginaw steering. Moses Ludel describes these options and how-to steps.

A Jeepster fully modified to tackle Area BFE at Moab, Utah 
Ross cam-and-lever steering gear undergoing rebuild

The original Kaiser-era Jeepster (1966-71) has become a classic Jeep model for trail, restoration or multi-purpose use. The Ross cam-and-lever steering gear (right) is primitive and wear-prone by design. Many convert to a Saginaw manual or power steering gear. The radically modified trail runner (left) at Area BFE, Moab, Utah, has modern power steering, a high output V-8 engine conversion and severe tire and lift modifications.