Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Mopar Concept 4x4s & 2014 Jeep Cherokee Debut at 2013 Moab Jeep Safari

Mopar Concept 4x4s and 2014 Cherokee Debut at  the Moab Jeep Safari!

     At the 2013 Moab Jeep Safari, Mopar executives and staff met with the automotive press. Mopar’s CEO/President Pietro Gorlier, Jim Morrison, the Director of Jeep® Marketing, Mark Allen of Jeep® concept vehicles and design, Chris Nowak, Senior Manager of Product Development at Mopar and others share the latest Chrysler Group and Mopar advances plus Jeep concept vehicles. Three 1080P HD videos also include details on the 2014 Grand Cherokee and debut of the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Enjoy full-screen HD 1080P viewing—at the 4WD Mechanix© HD Video Network!

Pietro Gorlier, CEO/President at Chrysler/Mopar Mopar Off-Road products log

     Pietro Gorlier, CEO and President of Chrysler Group’s Mopar division, and Jim Morrison, Director of Jeep® Brand Marketing, share details about the scope and global reach of Mopar parts and accessories. At right, the new “Mopar Off-Road” logo and Jeep® Performance Products reflect the importance of Jeep® vehicles in Chrysler’s overall unit sales records for 2012. Hear the impressive numbers and successes of Chrysler Group, LLC, and Mopar® brand products—worldwide! 

Mark Allen with the Jeep/Mopar concept vehicles at Moab 2013
Chris Nowak, Senior Manager Product Development at Mopar
     Mark Allen (top photo) shares Jeep® concept vehicles and details on performance and function gains. These projects hit the trails at Moab and often provide crucial insight into new vehicle goals. At right, Chris Nowak, Senior Manager of Product Development at Mopar®, shares elements of concept vehicles that now are available as genuine Mopar® Accessories and Jeep® Accessories. Mopar® has created a designated Jeep® Performance line of aftermarket products as well!

Scott Brown, Chrysler Communications
2014 Cherokee debut at 2013 Moab Jeep Safari
     On Main Street at Moab, the 2013 47th Annual Moab Jeep Safari celebrates all things Jeep. Jeep® and Mopar’s display at the Walker Drug parking lot is busy on March 27th! At the New York Auto Show that day, the debut of the new 2014 Cherokee drew applause. That same day at Moab, Utah, a new Cherokee receives its official debut at the Moab Jeep Safari. Scott Brown, Chrysler Communications, hosted the ceremony and the public’s introduction to this iconic model’s all-new design.