Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: 2011 WFTW Evening of R&R

WFTW Camp Dinner and a Night of Music and Campfire Cameraderie!

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Even the ice cream truck is a 4x4! The refrigerator works great and what a dessert choice!

     Dusty, trail-tested and hungry, the Wheelers for the Wounded settled into an evening of great food, music, company and conversation. The Rock Heads sponsored and cooked a stellar dinner. The ice cream truck followed with dessert goodies.

     Keys to the rigs tucked away for the night, the campfire roaring and a live band playing, the group settled into a night of revelry and good cheer. A great day of wheeling, new friends and interests, vets and 4WD volunteers enjoyed the festivities.