Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Desert Off-Road Racing & Rock Crawling Events

Video Coverage: Desert Off-Road Racing and Rock Crawling Competition!

JeepSpeed Prepped XJ at 'Xtreme Outlaws' Race 2010

     When a stock Jeep 4×4 does not meet our challenges, we modify the vehicle! Jeep 4WD owners continually seek trail and performance improvements. For 4WD aftermarket products, the ultimate stamina and performance test is desert racing and competitive rock crawling!

This section of the magazine includes action-packed video coverage. See the following pages!

Air full of tire smoke at the Stampede Race rock pile!

     This section of 4WD Mechanix Magazine covers the racing events and ventures that influence Jeep 4WD performance. Whether you spectate, trail run, caravan to the Outback or Mongolia—or commute in foul weather on an interstate or the Autobahn—race-tested products can improve your Jeep!

Rush hour at the Stampede Race rock pile!

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