Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Video Interview: Steve Kramer and Full-Traction Suspension

Full-Traction Suspension “CRC Link™” System for the Jeep JK Wrangler

In this video interview, Steve Kramer from Full-Traction Suspension shares the CRC Link™ System. If you own a JK Wrangler, you’ll want to see the CRC Link™ System in action!

Full-Traction Suspension (FTS) offers a variety of innovative and advanced design suspension products for Jeep 4x4s. There are several articles at this magazine site involving the installation of quality FTS suspension lift kits.

A clear aim with Full-Traction Suspension products is better handling and improved vehicle dynamics. While many “lifts” simply raise the vehicle height for bigger tires and more ground clearance, FTS targets the overall performance of Jeep suspension systems.

The latest Constant Roll Center Link (CRC Link™) for the 2007-up JK Wrangler focuses on the inherent drawbacks in the JK’s rear suspension geometry, including roll center issues. Utilizing the 200-year-old Watts Link Design, FTS produced a high-quality solution. The kit eliminates the OEM rear track bar, strengthens the axle housing and provides a true, correct roll center geometry. The result is better handling as the rear axle moves through its full range of travel—whether on the highway or off-pavement in the rocks!