Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Moses Ludel Rebuilds the Jeep AX-15 Transmission, Part 2: Assembly and Final Work

How-to: Rebuilding an AX15 Transmission

Fresh AX15 transmission ready for service!

     If you need to rebuild your AX15 transmission or are a repair or 4×4 shop seeking instructional guidance for your techs, see the Vimeo On Demand streaming how-to with easy to navigate chapters:  Rebuilding the Aisin AX15 Transmission.  The freshly built AX15 transmission is now a 4WD Mechanix Video Network Vimeo On Demand prototype for a “textbook” rebuild.  Save considerable time and expense, take advantage of this 90-day rental!

     One of the most popular articles at the magazine for the last four years has been the AX15 rebuild.  This level of viewer interest has prompted the production of a detailed, 94-minute HD video that is now available at Vimeo On Demand.  The streaming video provides all of the content formerly available in the article plus additional commentary and new details.  If you want a successful rebuild and insight from a bestselling automotive author, then you will want access to this HD video!  See the “trailer”…Moses Ludel

Trailer for the 94-minute HD video feature now available at Vimeo On Demand. Click here for direct access to the instructional video page!

I enjoy rebuilding the AX15 transmissions. A more sophisticated unit than most domestic (U.S. design) Jeep gearboxes, the Aisin AX15 borrows architecture from European and Asian transmission designs. Fitting parts precisely, taking careful measurements of the tolerances, and deciding whether to reuse or replace various parts are just some of the reasons why the AX15 is a much busier, yet gratifying, transmission to rebuild.  Some find this daunting.  The 94-minute streaming HD video how-to at Vimeo On Demand can overcome these concerns—or provide the level of information you need for an informed decision.

Due to popularity and reasonable parts sources, the Jeep Aisin AX5 and Jeep AX15 transmissions remain serviceable.  Jeep dealerships, 4WD transmission shops and Jeep owners can rebuild these transmissions, and both Mopar and aftermarket service parts are still available.  Having rebuilt light-, medium- and heavy-duty truck manual and automatic transmissions for more than 50 years, I view the AX-series units as “busy” designs from a service standpoint.  If, after carefully considering the ‘how-to’ steps and photos, you decide not to rebuild your original transmission, consider a replacement unit from Advance Adapters.

The streaming HD video at Vimeo On Demand will serve owners of the Jeep XJ Cherokee, Jeep YJ Wrangler and Jeep TJ Wrangler.  There are also Dodge Dakota, GM/Isuzu and some Toyota transmissions that feature the AX15 design.

     Note: You can gain a valuable understanding of the AX15’s functions by watching this “third-party” YouTube video embedded at the forum posts on AX15 rebuilding issues. The presenter does an excellent job of describing the functions of this transmission. You will find this video helpful. View it and my how-to HD video streaming rental for a thorough knowledge of the Aisin AX15 transmission!  You will also want to check out the synchromesh parts design issue for the 3rd/4th synchronizer assembly on late AX15 Jeep transmissions. There is an excellent discussion at the 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums regarding “earlier” versus “late” 3rd/4th gear synchro parts and other AX15 issues, click here!—Moses Ludel