Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Live Tech Vlog: Advance Adapters and SEMA MPMC Media Conference

Road Trip to Advance Adapters and the 2013 SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference

Vlog hosted by Moses Ludel

  The week of January 20th-25th, 4WD Mechanix Magazine filmed at Advance Adapters (Paso Robles, CA) and the SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference (Santa Ana, CA). Advance Adapters footage is available as seventeen (17) edited HD videos at the magazine’s 4WD Mechanix Video Network. Click on the News & Events Channel, New Products Channel and Tech How-to Channel buttons to see the HD video playlists!       MPMC Conference HD video footage covers over 25 manufacturers and their products. Moses Ludel talks about the road trip in this HD video vlog.  

Advance Adapters Jeep JK Wrangler on rock pile at the plant's testing grounds
Engineering and gear tests at Advance Adapters