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Jeep 4WD Feature Vehicles!

     In my view, exotic equipment is no substitute for practical upgrades, driving skill or good trail sense! A feature vehicle must be practical and fully functional…Does your Jeep meet 4WD trail demands and lifestyle goals? Feature vehicles at the 4WD Mechanix Magazine website reflect safety, tractability, utility, reliability and trail prowess. If your Jeep 4×4 meets these standards, let’s showcase it!

—Moses Ludel

For additional Jeep® feature vehicles, see the sub-sections to this page of the magazine! 

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Moab 2010 WJ Grand Feature

This Stunning Grand Cherokee Never Misses a Moab Trail Run! [Click here for a PDF download of the article on this Grand Cherokee!]   

Moab 2010 XJ Cherokee Feature

An Affordable Jeep XJ Cherokee—Built for the Moab Rocks! [Click here for a PDF download of the article on this XJ!]