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How-to: Jeep CJ, Jeepster, Willys 4WD Pickup/Wagon Workshop

CJ-2A serves as a

     The 1946 CJ-2A took a spartan WWII military vehicle into the civilian American marketplace. Willys and Kaiser added innovative models like the Station Wagon, Willys Pickup and FC trucks. The CJ models and Jeepster/Commando remain the most recognized of these Jeep 4x4s.

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New York-based restored Willys 4WD Pickup

Rubicon Tested CJ-8 Scrambler with Trailer

     This section of 4WD Mechanix Magazine focuses on the technical requirements of the 1946-86 CJ models, WWII  (MB) and postwar (MC and MD or M38A1) military models plus the Willys Pickups, Willys Station Wagons and the Kaiser Era FC-150 or 170 forward cab models.

Moses Ludel Alongside his '55 CJ-5 in a Mopar Flyer

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