Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Videos: Building a 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor

How-to Videos: Building a 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor

Key parts of a 4.6L Jeep stroker inline six buildup

     In this 1080P HD video interview series, Moses Ludel and Tony Hewes discuss the buildup of a Jeep 4.0L inline six into a 4.6L stroker motor. This popular configuration is the most significant change available for increasing horsepower, building vital bottom end torque, and even improving fuel efficiency in some cases! There are six (6) HD videos in this series and a variety of additional articles at the magazine site’s menu that cover the tune needs of a “stroker” engine.
     Tony Hewes is the owner of Hewes Performance Machine at Reno, Nevada. The sixth video shares an actual Hewes-built stroker in a trail runner Jeep CJ8 Scrambler 4×4…

Here are the available HD videos in the series:

Building a Jeep 4.6L inline six stroker motor  HD Video: Jeep 4.6L Inline Six Stroker Short-Block Options When building the popular Jeep 4.0L inline six into a 4.6L stroker motor, there are piston, connecting rod and engine block machining options. In this HD video interview with Tony Hewes, Moses Ludel and Tony discuss various ways to create the 4.6L engine, using a 4.2L/258 crankshaft.        


Jeep 4.0L inlne six cylinder head HD Video: Jeep Inline Six Cylinder Head Work Whether you plan a stroker motor build-up or simply want the best cylinder head work for your 4.0L Jeep inline six-cylinder engine, Tony Hewes describes the right approach. Hewes Performance Machine rebuilds and upgrades cylinder heads to meet any requirement. Here we discuss the standards for a street and trail-driven Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler or Grand Cherokee 4.0L six or 4.6L stroker build-up.       


Camshaft choices for Jeep inline six stroker motor HD Video: Jeep Inline Six Camshaft Choices In this HD video, Moses Ludel and Tony Hewes share views on the right camshaft choice for a Jeep inline six-cylinder engine. Whether you build a stock 4.0L or 4.2L, or step up for a 4.6L stroker motor upgrade, the camshaft choice is critical. Get professional information here!  


Jeep six rods, pistons and bearings HD Video: Jeep 4.6L Inline Six Pistons, Rods and Bearings When building a 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor, there are piston and rod choices. This HD video interview with Tony Hewes discusses cast versus forged piston options, use of 4.0L versus 4.2L connecting rods and proper bearing choices for optimal performance. The objective is a quality, long-life engine for “stump pulling” off-pavement use and street legal operation. Fuel efficiency is part of that equation!  


Quality engine parts for Jeep 4.6L stroker inline six HD Video: Quality Parts for the 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor  Quality engine parts contribute to performance and longevity. In this HD video interview with Tony Hewes, Moses Ludel and Tony Hewes discuss the peripheral parts that provide better service over time. This video completes the 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor details as Hewes Performance Machine builds the ultimate trail running, street legal stroker motor!  


Mark's CJ-8 Scrambler with military trailer in tow! HD Videos: Jeep CJ-8 4.6L Stroker Power A freshly built Hewes Performance 4.6L stroker inline six is now powering this Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler. The Jeep is a rugged trail runner based at Reno and the Sierra Nevada region. See how the engine build-up described in the video series fits this Jeep 4×4 perfectly! Two HD videos available at this link/page.