Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Videos: 2011 WFTW at the Little Sluice Box

Two HD Videos: Rubicon Little Sluice Box…’Roy & Troy Show’ Returns!

‘The Roy & Troy Show’—Year Two at the Little Sluice Box on the Rubicon Trail.

Several drivers were with the Rockheads, others from NorCal and Pirates of the Rubicon

     The Rubicon Sluice Boxes were well mentioned in my Jeep® Owner’s Bible™. In 1967, a practiced four-wheeler could scale these sections of the trail with a stone stock Jeep CJ or an FJ40 Landcruiser—without damaging the vehicle in any way. Today, the Little Sluice Box is a stark outcropping of large rocks and boulders, a section most often by-passed.

     Last year, veteran Roy and Pirate Troy tackled the Little Sluice when the shifting rocks were in their least favorable positions. This year, the two came back and tackled the ‘Box’ again. They were followed by a veteran CJ Jeep 4×4 driver from the WFTW volunteers. In these two videos, get a close-up sense for just how severe the ‘Box’ can be. Enjoy the ‘Roy & Troy Show’, year two!

A ruggedly built CJ Jeep tackles the Little Sluice Box!