Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: Rob MacCachren Presentation

Racer Rob MacCachren Talks to Fans at 2011 Lucas Off-Road Expo!

   Part 1: Rob MacCachren Talks to Fans!    Part 2: Rob MacCachren ‘Q&A’ and Comments! 

Rob MacCachren signs posters at 2011 Off-Road Expo

  Rob MacCachren’s impressive off-road racing history speaks for itself. At the 2011 Off-Road Expo, Pomona, California, Rob shared the details!

See the two HD videos and Rob’s frank talk!

B.F. Goodrich hosted the Rob MacCachren presentations and space for Rob's truck as well as 4WD Mechanix Magazine's Dodge Ram 3500.

      In this two-part video presentation, Rob MacCachren addresses fans at the B.F. Goodrich booth. Want to know what it takes to make ‘Off-Road Hall of Fame’ status? Enjoy Rob’s straightforward and insightful talk!