HD Video: Advance Adapters Atlas Transfer Case Design and Shifting

Advance Adapters Atlas Transfer Case Design and Shifting Techniques!

Advance Adapters two-speed Atlas transfer case Atlas transfer case gear shifting mechanism

 Steve Roberts at Advance Adapters shares close-up details on the Atlas transfer case. He describes the function, design and attributes of both the two- and four-speed Atlas transfer cases. Learn more about this popular and rugged upgrade for Jeep, light truck, Land Cruiser, off-road 4×4 buggy and other heavy duty applications.  For hardcore wheeling and racing demands, the Atlas transfer case reigns supreme!  Learn why this transfer case dominates in all classes of four-wheeling plus live action how-to tips on shifting the Atlas transfer case.

The Atlas transfer case from Advance Adapters is an off-road racing and 4×4 severe duty favorite aftermarket upgrade. If you want to shift the Atlas properly, this operating how-to with Steve Roberts is a valuable learning aid and off-road use orientation!

Shifting the Atlas properly
Steve Roberts demonstrates Atlas shifting in the video.

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