Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: 2011 WFTW Rubicon Trail Running

2011 WFTW Vet Guests & 4WD Volunteers Run the Rubicon Trail!


HD Video: WFTW Running Along the Rubicon Trail!

     In this HD video, join the group of veterans and four-wheel drivers as they ply the Rubicon Trail. It’s all part of the Wheelers for the Wounded Super Rubicon Event!

Vets and drivers spend a full day in rig along the Rubicon Trail.

     There is nothing ‘typical’ about a day run over the Rubicon Trail! The Sierra granite promises constant change, and there are no two trips alike. Watch the Wheelers for the Wounded as they take on the many challenges.

Vets get a dose of four-wheeling on this notorious Sierra trail.