Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – HD Video: 2011 WFTW Organizer Dan Hiney Speaks

Event Organizer Dan Hiney Speaks to WFTW Vets and 4WD Volunteers!

  In this HD video, Dan Hiney talks about the program, its aims, the participants and the generous sponsors who make WFTW posssible.

     Dan Hiney and Kevin Carey created the Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event in 2009. Beyond the many organizational and logistics challenges, WFTW requires donations and volunteerism to make the event possible.

     Dan Hiney works tirelessly to assure the success of the WFTW Rubicon Super Event. Dan and Kevin have grown the program to include three 4WD clubs and a score of veteran participants this year.

Veterans like Scott Jackson are what WFTW is all about!

Veterans like Scott Jackson (above) make this effort worthwhile. Dan Hiney, Kevin Carey, the drivers, the cooks, the sponsors and the rest of us see that vets have a great time experiencing a challenging 4WD trail! Top that off with a live band, a campfire and the scenic Sierra Nevada backdrop.

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