Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Four-Wheeler Overcomes Multiple Spinal Surgeries

Video Interview: Four-Wheeler Overcomes Multiple Spinal Surgeries! 

    Jake Munoz has endured seven major spinal surgeries and remains committed to an outdoor lifestyle. As an avid four-wheeler, Jake has dramatically modified both his family life and approach to four-wheeling. A devoted father and husband, he strives to set an example for his kids and other family members. In this interview, Jake Munoz explains his adaptation to major back and cervical surgery challenges. He has much to share with those going through similar procedures and recovery.

Family CJ3A now a heavily modified Jeep flat-fender
Jake Munoz talks about Jeep 4x4 safety points

     Jake Munoz shares the family history around this 1951 CJ3A flat-fender Jeep 4×4 and all of the modifications he has made. Many of the modifications have accommodated Jake’s spinal surgeries and help offset the risk of re-injuring his spine. His family’s safety a priority, Jake has built his 4×4 for hard trail use.

     Jake’s heavily modified flat-fender Jeep 4×4 is equipped for challenges like the Rubicon Trail. Through seven major spinal surgeries, Jake Munoz has maintained his passion for family recreational four-wheeling. In this HD video, Jake takes us on a tour of of his flat-fender Jeep 4×4!

Jake climbs into the Jeep 4x4 cab
Jake talks about 4-point safety harness

     Jake climbs into the cab, an effort for anyone with the radical lift kit and oversized tires! Once in the cab and racing bucket seats, occupants strap on four-point harnesses. An effective way to protect occupants from lateral jarring, these seat belts are part of the safety equipment on this Jeep.

4x4 safety roll cage is designed for any kind of trail situation.
Powerplant is a small block Chevy V-8.

     This roll cage will handle the most severe trail challenges and threats. Tubes run in several directions and have been tested with calculated roll-overs on the worst trails. This rig has seen the Rubicon Trail and many other notorious outlets. Its powerplant is a Chevy V-8, necessary for toting all of this mass around! Coil-over shock/springs have made the ride quality managable. This suspension helps Jake continue to four-wheel despite his seven spinal surgeries. Jake is proactive about making the best of his back and neck issues. He does everything his medical team will approval, keeping active, strong and healthy!