Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Advance Adapters Shares Engine and Transmission Conversion Strategies

Advance Adapters Shares Engine Conversion Strategies and Upgrades

Moses Ludel and Advance Adapters Sales Manager Steve Roberts  discuss details on contemporary engine and transmission conversions. The conversation covers V-8 transplants, Atlas transfer case and Rubicrawler upgrades—plus meeting the challenges of emission controls and regulations. The series begins with Part 1 (above).

Moses Ludel interviews Advance Adapters' Steve Roberts.
Steve Roberts shares details on popular 4WD aftermarket upgrades.

See the rest of the series in segments 2, 3 and 4—below!

This segment continues the discussion between Moses Ludel and Steve  Roberts. Steve shares details on popular V-8 engine and transmission  conversions, the Atlas and Rubicrawler upgrades, plus complying with emission control standards. The goal: How to get maximum reliability and performance from an upgraded 4×4. (Part 2)

  This segment concludes the detailed discussion between Moses Ludel and

Steve Roberts. As Sales Manager and technical expert, Steve Roberts answers V-6 and V-8 conversion and upgrade questions, solves problems and knows the Advance Adapters products thoroughly! (Part 3)

Steve Roberts shares shelves of parts at Advance Adapters.
Small block V-8 to Jeep inline six type Torqueflite adapter

Sales Manager Steve Roberts shares a variety of popular Advance

Adapters products. Some are niche, low-volume items, many are fast moving, high demand conversion components. Advance Adapters products reach a broad base of Jeep, Land Cruiser, Scout, Bronco, Toyota truck, G.M. S-truck and full-size truck owners. (Part 4)   Click here for direct access to the Advance Adapters website!