Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Advance Adapters Interview: Part 1, the Rubicrawler

Interview with Mike Partridge, Part 1: Advance Adapters ‘Rubicrawler’

     Note: In addition to the Flash video available at this page (filmed at Moab Jeep Safari in 2011), there are seventeen additional Advance Adapters HD videos available at the magazine’s 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network playlists. These more recent 1080P videos are from Moses Ludel’s January 2013 tour of the Advance Adapters plant. The 2013 update includes an insightful interview with Steve Roberts, discussing the Rubicrawler in detail. Click here for direct access to that video interview with Steve…

 Click here for direct access to the Advance Adapters website!

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For the complete coverage of the Advance Adapters facility, manufacturing process and product insights, see these HD 1080P videos:

     1) In this candid talk, Moses Ludel and Mike Partridge discuss 4WD industry trends and the Advance Adapters role within the 4WD aftermarket. The conversation includes new 4×4 products, popular consumer interests and keeping production in the United States. Click here for direct access to the interview! 

     2) Advance Adapters produces a variety of transfer case, transmission, overdrive and engine conversion components. The Atlas transfer case, Saturn overdrive, Rubicrawler, Ranger Torque Splitter and SYE kits are well known and produced in-house at Paso Robles, California. See the modern Advance Adapters manufacturing and machine processes that produce these components. Click here for direct access to the HD video tour! 

     3) High performance and long life products require quality engineering and testing. Advance Adapters Senior Design Engineer Chuck Althausen shares the processes, standards and unique testing that make the Atlas transfer cases, Rubicrawler, Saturn overdrive, Ranger Torque Splitter, V-8 conversions, SYE kits and other Advance Adapters products superior.  Click here for direct access to the engineering tour! 

     4) Moses Ludel and Advance Adapters Sales Manager Steve Roberts discuss details on popular engine and transmission conversions, including Atlas and Rubicrawler upgrades and meeting the challenges of emission controls. The goal is how to get maximum reliability from an upgraded 4×4.  Click here for direct access to the HD video interview with Steve Roberts! 

     5) Advance Adapters builds the Atlas transfer case, Saturn overdrive, Rubicrawler, engine conversion kits and many other specialty 4×4 parts. To design and test these components, the company has several Jeep TJ and JK Wrangler “mules”. See the Advance Adapter prototype vehicles and testing rock pile…Click here to see the Advance Adapter 4×4 fleet on the test rocks! 

     6) Advance Adapters produces the unique Rubicrawler gear reduction box for Jeep Wrangler models with the 42RLE automatic transmission. This reduction or “crawl” gear box has an easily understood shift method that Steve Roberts demonstrates in this HD video how-to. Click here for direct access to the HD video details on the Rubicrawler! 

     7) Steve Roberts at Advance Adapters shares close-up details on the Atlas transfer case. He describes the function, design and attributes of both the two- and four-speed Atlas transfer cases. Learn more about this popular and rugged upgrade for Jeep, light truck, Land Cruiser, off-road 4×4 buggy and other heavy duty applications.  Click here for insight into the Atlas transfer case design and shifting! 

     8) In this close-up video, Steve Roberts shares the Advance Adapters Jeep TJ Wrangler with a 5.3L G.M. Generation 3 V-8 swap. See how Advance Adapters makes this a 50-State emissions legal engine and transmission conversion. Click here for insight into an LS swap for a Jeep Wrangler! 

Click here for direct access to the Advance Adapters website!