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Jeep 4.6L stroker motor under construction at Hewes Performance Machine

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Moses Ludel vlog series discusses motor oils and filters!

This Moses Ludel ‘Live Tech’ Q&A vlog series shares insights into motor oils, oil filters and maintenance. Want your Jeep 4WD or any other 4×4 truck/SUV engine to last over 200,000 miles? See the four vlog topics (below). Click to access HD video vlogs!

  • In the Part 1 vlog, Moses Ludel talks about the design of engine oils and their history. He shares details on why multi-viscosity oil came into existence. Learn more about the roles that motor oils play and how to extend engine life.
  • In the Part 2 vlog, Moses Ludel compares synthetic and conventional oils. Is there a cost-effective equivalent to synthetic motor oil? Curious why rear main seals, timing cover seals or valve cover gaskets tend to leak when you switch to a synthetic oil in a higher mileage engine? You’ll want to see this vlog and hear Moses’ comments!
  • In the Part 3 vlog, Moses Ludel clarifies viscosity needs and oil change intervals. Puzzled why there are so many opinions about motor oil changes and which viscosity oil an engine needs? Hear candid comments—backed by experience!
  • In the Part 4 vlog, Moses Ludel completes the four-vlog series with insights into oil filtration and his picks for Jeep and 4×4 truck/SUV engines. Want your modern engine to last for well over two-hundred thousand miles? Watch this HD video!

A professional grade front disc brake job on the Jeep XJ Cherokee.

In this how-to HD video, Moses Ludel shares the replacement of brake pads, rotors and related parts on the 1990-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler, 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler, 1990-2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee, 1990-92 Jeep MJ Comanche and the 1993-1998 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee. The instructional video is a thorough orientation to the work, emphasizing safety and quality workmanship. Here are the detailed how-to steps—with none left out! Click here.

DEI header wrapping demonstration how-to

Header wrapping is an art. In this HD video how-to, watch Dan Stark from DEI wrap a set of exhaust headers—the right way! Design Engineering, Inc., has a full line of thermal and acoustic barrier products. This demonstration took place at the 2014 SEMA Show, Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn how-to make your header wrap fit properly and work right!

Cat iron block repair using TIG and Weld Mold filler rod

Can an expensive Caterpillar engine block be repaired after a hole gets punched in the block wall? See this permanent fix using TIG welding process and Weld Mold Company 700 and 750 filler rod. Performed on the shop floor at Brad Falin’s heavy equipment repair facility, the job took two hours and saved thousands of dollars. Iron engine, transmission and axle housings can be restored.

Jeep XJ Cherokee 4.0L water pump replacement

Changing the radiator and water pump on a Jeep inline six? For details on an XJ Cherokee radiator R&R and a water pump removal and replacement on the 4.0L Jeep inline six and similar AMC/Jeep engines, click here.

Hypertech dyne results for the Jeep 4.0L inline six tuning

In this HD video, we install Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmers in each of the magazine’s 4x4s. The 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L inline six and 2005 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L diesel get tuning upgrades. See the installation and read details and test results at the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network’s 4WD Tech How-to Channel!

Time-Sert® spark plug thread replacement method

Spark plug thread damage is increasingly more common, mostly due to the popularity of aluminum cylinder heads on automotive and OHV engines. This HD video how-to demonstrates the Time-Sert® permanent repair for damaged spark plug threads. This insert kit allows for head-in-place installation of new spark plug threads. The candidate shown is a popular Honda XR650R motorcycle. The affordable repair saved a lot of time while providing a major improvement over OEM spark plug threads.

ZJ Grand Cherokee set up for the Moab slickrock!

In this Q&A response, Moses Ludel shares his choices for a used on- and off-highway Jeep 4×4. Learn about the assets and downsides of the Wrangler YJ, TJ and JK, the Jeep XJ Cherokee and the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ models.

Inline 4.6L stroker built from 4.0L goes into early YJ Wrangler.

Moses Ludel shares good reasons for building the popular 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor. In this vlog, Moses describes the best engine build for street, highway and 4×4 trail use. Learn why this rebuilding option is well worth it!

Tony Hewes builds a 4.6L stroker motor at Hewes Performance Machine, Reno, Nevada.

Q&A Vlog: How-to Build a Multipurpose Jeep 4.6L Stroker Motor In this HD video vlog Q&A, Moses Ludel discusses the Jeep 4.0L inline six build-up into a stroker 4.6L engine. The build consists of the right design, correct choice of parts and the required machining. Moses Ludel describes the engine parts and machining options and the range of costs.

Freshly built 4.6L Jeep stroker inline six

Moses Ludel road tests a freshly built 4.6L Jeep inline stroker six. The long block, built by Hewes Performance Machine, has all the ingredients for longevity, superior torque and increased horsepower output. Get the details here!

OTC 7394 Hub Puller for axle hub removal on tapered axle shafts

Vintage Jeep 4x4s and AMC/Jeep CJ models with the AMC Model 20 rear axle require a special hub puller to remove the rear wheel hubs. Many vintage cars and trucks require this type puller. OTC makes the 7394 Hub Puller for this task. This HD video demonstrates how to remove rear brake drums and hubs as an assembly. The OTC puller and 6574-1 adapter plate provide a solution that helps prevent parts damage and personal injury!

HTP America TIG welding electrodes and tungsten tip sharpener

In this HD video how-to, Moses Ludel discusses TIG tungsten electrode types and safer choices. He demonstrates the use of the HTP America Tungsten Sharpener and how to shape optimal tungsten tips for inverter TIG welding of aluminum, carbon steel, alloys, and stainless steel. Click here for access to the 1080P HD video and additional details!

4.2L and 4.0L valvetrain and non-adjustable rocker arms

Originally a Q&A Vlog exchange by Moses Ludel, this article and in-depth how-to HD video describes valve adjustment methods and solutions for the Jeep 232, 258 and 4.0L inline six-cylinder engines—and the 2.5L fours. Click here for this in-depth HD video vlog and article details. Learn about tappet noise and troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilding and restoring the valvetrains of these popular Jeep CJ, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and J-truck engines…Get the facts about valve adjustment!

4.2L and 4.0L valvetrain and non-adjustable rocker arms

In this Q&A vlog, Moses Ludel shares valve adjustment methods for the Jeep 232, 258 and 4.0L inline six-cylinder engines. Click here for this in-depth HD video vlog that discusses the procedure for adjusting the hydraulic lifters and valves on a Jeep inline six. The how-to describes troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilding and restoring the valvetrain of these popular Jeep CJ, Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and J-truck engines.

Smog legal 5.3L LS V-8 in Jeep TJ Wrangler at Advance Adapters

HD Video: Advance Adapters Jeep TJ Wrangler LS V-8 Conversion In this close-up video, Steve Roberts shares the Advance Adapters Jeep TJ Wrangler with a 5.3L G.M. Generation 3 V-8 swap. See how Advance Adapters makes this a 50-State emissions legal engine and transmission conversion.

Rebuilding the 9.25

HD Video How-to: AAM 9.25″ Axle Rebuild The AAM 11.5″ and 9.25″ axles are popular in Dodge Ram, Ram truck, GMC and Chevrolet trucks. An HD video streaming how-to is available at Vimeo On Demand. See details and the trailer at this page.

Tony Hewes 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor

HD Videos: Building a 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor Installing a 4.2L (258) Jeep crankshaft in a 4.0L block has become popular. In this exclusive HD video interview series with performance engine builder Tony Hewes, Moses Ludel and Tony discuss the needs of a multipurpose Jeep 4×4. The focus is proper ways to build up a 4.5L to 4.7L inline six from the 4.0L AMC and Jeep engine.

  • Building a Jeep 4.6L inline six stroker motor HD Video: Jeep 4.6L Inline Six Stroker Short-Block Options When building the popular Jeep 4.0L inline six into a 4.6L stroker motor, there are piston, connecting rod and engine block machining options. In this HD video interview with Tony Hewes, Moses Ludel and Tony discuss various ways to create the 4.6L engine, using a 4.2L/258 crankshaft.
  • Jeep 4.0L inlne six cylinder head HD Video: Jeep Inline Six Cylinder Head Work Whether you plan a stroker motor build-up or simply want the best cylinder head work for your 4.0L Jeep inline six-cylinder engine, Tony Hewes describes the right approach. Hewes Performance Machine rebuilds and upgrades cylinder heads to meet any requirement. Here we discuss the standards for a street and trail-driven Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler or Grand Cherokee 4.0L six or 4.6L stroker build-up.
  • Camshaft choices for Jeep inline six stroker motor HD Video: Jeep Inline Six Camshaft Choices In this HD video, Moses Ludel and Tony Hewes share views on the right camshaft choice for a Jeep inline six-cylinder engine. Whether you build a stock 4.0L or 4.2L, or step up for a 4.6L stroker motor upgrade, the camshaft choice is critical. Get professional information here!
  • Jeep six rods, pistons and bearings HD Video: Jeep 4.6L Inline Six Pistons, Rods and Bearings When building a 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor, there are piston and rod choices. This HD video interview with Tony Hewes discusses cast versus forged piston options, use of 4.0L versus 4.2L connecting rods and proper bearing choices for optimal performance. The objective is a quality, long-life engine for “stump pulling” off-pavement use and street legal operation. Fuel efficiency is part of that equation!
  • Quality engine parts for Jeep 4.6L stroker inline six HD Video: Quality Parts for the 4.6L Jeep Inline Six Stroker Motor Quality engine parts contribute to performance and longevity. In this HD video interview with Tony Hewes, Moses Ludel and Tony Hewes discuss the peripheral parts that provide better service over time. This video completes the 4.6L Jeep inline six stroker motor details as Hewes Performance Machine builds the ultimate trail running, street legal stroker motor!
  • Mark's CJ-8 Scrambler with military trailer in tow! HD Videos: Jeep CJ-8 4.6L Stroker Power A freshly built Hewes Performance 4.6L stroker inline six is now powering this Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler. The Jeep is a rugged trail runner based at Reno and the Sierra Nevada region. See how the engine build-up described in the video series fits this Jeep 4×4 perfectly! Two HD videos available at this link/page.

Factory thermostat for Dodge Ram Cummins engine How-to: Engine Thermostat Settings This Q&A exchange deserves a page of its own! Thermostat settings and the use of the right thermostat are crucial to Jeep engine performance. In the commentary, learn why “factory” temperature thermostat settings are required in modern engines.

Wheel alignment basics

HD Video: TJ Wrangler Wheel Alignment Basics Trail-driven Jeep 4x4s need periodic wheel alignment service. Oversized tires and lift kits need follow-up wheel alignment. In this HD video, Moses Ludel discusses the basic alignment requirements of a Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon. Many of these concerns apply to other Jeep 4WDs with the beam front axle.

Installing Warn VR-series winch on a Jeep TJ Wrangler

Video ‘How-to’: Installing the New Warn VR-Series Winch Warn introduced the new VR-series winches at the 2011 Moab Jeep Safari. In this video, Moses Ludel installs the new VR10000 winch on a Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon 4WD. See the installation and hear comments on the design, performance and equipment provided!

Jeep closed knuckle steering bearings

Video Workshop: Steering Knuckle Kingpin Bearing Service At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel conducted a live workshop. The topic was Willys-Jeep 4WD steering knuckle kingpin bearing service. This video covers the hands-on instruction and details.

ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8 model equipped for off-road use

Q&A Vlog: Grand Cherokee 5.2L V-8 Runs Roughly This V-8 powered Jeep Grand Cherokee has a low-speed hesitation. Moses Ludel answers the owner’s questions with engine and powertrain troubleshooting recommendations in this HD video vlog. The NV249 transfer case is also discussed.

YJ Jeep Wrangler hydraulic clutch release bearing

Q&A Vlog: Jeep YJ Wrangler Hydraulic Clutch Linkage Troubles In this Q&A vlog, Moses Ludel describes the symptoms of hydraulic clutch linkage leaks in 1987-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler models. The question refers to hard shifting and loss of fluid. Moses Ludel shares what causes these troubles in this HD video troubleshooting Q&A.

Original CJ2A Jeep had inadequate 9

Q&A Vlog: Jeep CJ2A Full-Floating Wheel Hub & Disc Brake Conversion In this HD video Q&A vlog, Moses Ludel responds to the owner of a 1947 Jeep CJ2A who wants a disc brake conversion and other upgrades. The discussion includes disc brake options, caliper brackets, drum brake upgrades and other approaches for upgrading brakes on the early Jeep CJ 4×4 chassis.

Grounds for the YJ Wrangler fuel pump module

Q&A Vlog: Testing Ground Circuits and Wiring Integrity In this HD video vlog, A Jeep owner has trouble with the gauges and engine tune on his early YJ Wrangler. Moses Ludel suggests the troubleshooting and diagnostics tools for checking circuits, grounds and voltage drops. The use of a volt-ohmmeter, lamp load test and other techniques apply. Wiring integrity and proper splices are also discussed.

Ross cam-and-lever gear during a restoration

Q&A Vlog: Ross Cam-and-Lever Versus Saginaw Steering Gear In this HD video vlog, Moses Ludel shares steering gear options with a 1971 Jeepster owner. The owner has considered rebuilding the Ross cam-and-lever steering gear versus upgrading to Saginaw steering. Moses Ludel describes these options and how-to steps.

Digital volt-ohm meter is optimal for troubleshooting.

In this response to a viewer’s question, Moses Ludel describes the symptoms and simple tests to determine the condition of an automotive battery. Learn about normal battery voltages and “load testing” to identify damaged or defective cells. Separate battery troubles from starter and charge circuit problems on your Jeep, truck, SUV, motorcycle or ATV/UTV. See Q&A Vlog: Testing the Condition of a Jeep, Truck, SUV or ATV Battery in HD video!

Dana 30 axle rebuild feature at the magazine site

In this HD vlog Q&A, Moses Ludel discusses the tools and steps needed to properly set up a ring-and-pinion gear set. The primary adjustment is the pinion gear height. See the professional tools and learn about alternatives for setting pinion gear depth or height in the axle housing. Click here for “Q&A Vlog: Axle Rebuilding and Pinion Depth Tools”.

HEI retrofit distributor from 4WD Hardware

An aftermarket HEI distributor is the topic at “ Q&A Vlog: Setting Base Spark Timing for a Retrofit HEI Distributor“. Moses Ludel discusses how-to set base spark timing with a tachometer and vacuum gauge. He describes the aims of spark timing and maximum engine performance. The viewer’s Q&A involves a Jeep 4.0L inline six converted to carburetion and a conventional, HEI retrofit ignition distributor.

Winter battery and engine bearing protection against extreme cold

There is no greater strain on a battery and engine bearings than a cold weather start-up! In this winter ‘Live Tech’ vlog, Moses Ludel shares how to protect your engine and battery from the perils of extreme cold weather. See “Cold Weather Engine and Battery Survival!—just in time for sub-freezing weather!

Wear protective leathers when welding.

Moses Ludel Vlogs: Fall 2012 Moses Ludel comments about Jeep 4WD technology, 4WD aftermarket products, Jeep and 4×4 truck/SUV news and events, off-road driving and racing, rock crawling, the latest projects and more! See the four Fall 2012 vlogs at this 4WD Mechanix Video Network link/page!

Oversized tires and speedometer error

How-to: Measuring Speedometer Error In this HD video how-to, learn to quickly measure speedometer error. With simple timing devices like a wrist watch or stop watch, you can perform a speedometer or odometer test using highway mileposts.

Correcting speedometer error with DRBIII scan tool

How-to: Dodge Ram Speedometer Calibration Oversize tires, axle gear changes or a new tire brand can alter the speedometer calibration. For Dodge-Ram Truck owners, the DRB III scan tool can calibrate the speedometer on 1998-2006 models.

Dodge-Cummins lift pump upgrade

How-to Video: Dodge Ram Cummins Lift Pump Retrofit Upgrade The Dodge-Ram Cummins engines can starve for fuel when the lift pump fails or does not supply enough volume under load. In this two-part HD video series, Dynamic Diesel, Inc., installs an aftermarket upgrade lift pump on a Dodge 2500 Cummins model. This is a must upgrade for heavy hauling, modified engines and trailer pulling big loads.

Vintage Willys Jeep MB restoration

Video Interview: Vintage CJ-2A Restoration In this video, Moses Ludel interviews Michael Myers, restorer of a low-serial number CJ-2A Willys Jeep Universal. Details and history unfold in this live discussion at the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion.

Learn to TIG repair cast iron, alloy steel, aluminum and specialty metals!

How-to: Welding Class Welding is an important part of the well-equipped automotive shop. 4WD shops and home garages that work on trail and performance 4x4s or tow vehicles require safe, professional level welding. Learn welding, brazing and metal cutting techniques at this free, online HD video class…There are four (4) HD videos available at this link/page!

  • Welding tutorial by Moses Ludel Welding Safety and Protective Wear Welding is a vital part of 4WD and light truck repairs, upgrades and how-to projects. This HD video session discusses welding safety and protective gear. Make your welding a safe shop practice. Use the right protective gear to prevent burns, cuts and eye injuries.
  • Gas welding tip sizing and torch settings Gas Welding: Tip Sizes and Cutting Torch Settings These charts cover the gas settings and tip sizes for oxygen-acetylene welding, brazing, cutting and heating processes. Review these data recommendations before performing oxy-acetylene welding, cutting, brazing and heating chores.
  • Gas welding tutorial sessions How-to: Gas Welding Session One Gas welding is the foundation for all other welding methods. In this opening session, Moses Ludel discusses the equipment needs for oxygen-acetylene welding, brazing and cutting.
  • Welding Class: Gas Welding Session Two How-to: Gas Welding Session Two Session Two of the gas welding series covers gas welding equipment set up and safety. Setting up the cylinders, regulators, hoses and gas welding torch gets the process started.
  • Gauge metal and tip sizes How-to: Gas Welding Session Three ‘How-to: Gas Welding Session Three’ discusses the choice of gas welding tips, gas pressures and gauge metal thickness. Learn to save gas and select the right gas pressure and tip size for specific mild steel plate thicknesses.
  • Gas welding torch ready for use How-to: Gas Welding Session Four ‘How-to: Gas Welding Session Four’ discusses turning on gas safely and setting pressures for gas welding. Learn to safely open the cylinder valves, set correct pressures and turn the system off.
  • Lighting the oxygen-acetylene welding torch How-to: Gas Welding Session Five ‘How-to: Gas Welding Session Five’ discusses setting pressures, lighting the torch safely and beginning to gas welding. See how-to tack weld with oxygen-acetylene process.
  • Gas welding: the first beads and welds How-to: Gas Welding Session Six ‘How-to: Gas Welding Session Six’ discusses welding beads and filling metal with the gas welding process. In these two HD videos, see the how-to methods for controlling a liquid puddle and using the right filler metal material to run a quality gas welding bead.
  • Tack welds with filler rod How-to: Gas Welding Practice Exercises For each welding process, there are practice exercises that help improve your skills. In this section of the ‘How-to: Welding Class’, you will find practice steps for the gas welding material covered. Learn from the two HD videos at this link/page!
  • Gas welding has many applications! How-to: Gas Welding Final Sessions These are the final gas welding practice sessions. This section covers the practice steps to improve and test your oxy-acetylene gas welding skills.
  • Making quality beads with oxy-acetylene welding How-to: Gas Welding Bead Formation This session includes HD video examples of running a gas welding bead. The demonstration of oxy-acetylene welding processes includes beads formed with and without filler material.
  • Horizontal overhead gas welding bead with filler How-to: Gas Welding Vertical & Overhead Beads This session includes HD video examples of running a gas welding bead. The demonstration of oxy-acetylene welding processes includes beads formed with and without filler material.
  • Completed cube in 16-gauge gas welded form How-to: Completing the Gas Welding Exercise This HD video session completes the gas welded cube project. The demonstration shows the versatility of oxy-acetylene gas welding and its similarity to other welding processes.
  • Using 20-ton press to test gas welding beads How-to: Gas Weld Integrity Test This HD video session demonstrates the strength and integrity of the final welding project. The coupon cube gets tested on a 20-ton press to see how the welds react.
  • Gas welding metal repairs and restoration Gas Welding Metal Restoration Video Moses Ludel shares oxygen-acetylene gas welding techniques used in Jeep restoration work. See this slideshow presentation from the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion.
  • Oxy-acetylene gas brazing How-to: Oxygen-Acetylene Gas Brazing Gas brazing is popular in the tool-and-die industry, automotive and air conditioning fields. Capillary action and surface bonding create strong metal joints. See the brazing process in these HD videos. Two (2) HD videos available at this link/page!
  • Oxy-acetylene gas cutting How-to: Oxygen-Acetylene Gas Cutting Gas cutting is a traditional process for cutting carbon metals. Today, oxygen-acetylene cutting and plasma cutting are both popular. In this HD video segment, see how a gas cutting torch can quickly cut metal in a real world project.
  • SMAW stick arc welding How-to: Arc Welding Introduction This section of the ‘How-to: Welding Class’ focuses on stick or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). In the introduction, Moses Ludel discusses safety and equipment needs. The series aims at improving welding skills.
  • HTP America 221 machine ready for stick welding How-to: Choosing a Stick Welder In this how-to welding tutorial, Moses Ludel compares A.C. and D.C. arc welding modes and stick arc welding equipment. The discussion includes amperage requirements and niche uses of SMAW stick arc welding.
  • AC balance and frequency settings How-to: Setting Up the Arc Welder This ‘How-to: Welding Class’ covers setting up the stick welder for or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). The HTP America Invertig 221 AC/DC welder is featured in the demonstration.
  • Iron TIG repair of castings Video: TIG Repair of Large Iron Castings At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel presented details on TIG welding iron castings. In this video you will discover how GTAW-TIG process restored a large iron axle casting.
  • Moses Ludel narrates this slideshow presentation on gear and casting repairs. Video Slideshow: Gear and Transmission Case Restoration Moses Ludel makes a live, guest presentation at the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion. He narrates this slideshow on obsolete gear restoration and cast iron welding repairs. Metallurgy is also a topic, including case hardening and heat treatment.
  • Trail welding repair with a Ready Welder HD Video: 2011 WFTW Trail Welding Repair In this segment, 4WD volunteer John Cox assists a fellow four-wheeler while on the 2011 WFTW Rubicon Super Event. Equipped with a Ready Welder, auto battery operated flux-core spool welder, John quickly performs a repair that will help the CJ Jeep get back to camp.

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Instructional HD Videos Available as Vimeo On Demand Streaming Rentals

Technical articles and how-to videos have been filmed, narrated and painstakingly edited for Vimeo On Demand. This trailer (above) shares details from the very popular Aisin AX15 transmission instructional rebuild. Access the 94-minute streaming rental feature at Vimeo On Demand, click here!

One of the most popular how-to HD video streaming rentals is Moses Ludel’s 66-minute detailed coverage of the AAM 11.5″ and 9.25″ AAM axle rebuild, dealing specifically with these AAM axles and packed with insights into setting up any ring-and-pinion gear set…Click here to access this Vimeo On Demand streaming HD video rental!