4WD News & Event Channel Playlist!

4WD News & Event Channel Playlist!

2013 SEMA Show and Mopar Displays

View the 4WD News and Event Channel for the latest news and event coverage—from Moab to the SEMA Show, this is your source for Jeep 4WD, 4×4 light truck, and OHV (including ATV, dirt and dual-sport motorcycles) HD video event news! See the playlist below for the HD 1080P videos available:

Vintage Toyota FJ Station Wagon at 2015 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo

March is the Reno Expo, considered the launch of another 4WD season at the Sierra region. Join us at this HD video tour of four shows under one roof, including the Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo, Reno Boat & Recreation Show, Reno Spring Home & Garden Show and the Reno Pet Show!

Show-N-Shine trophies at N4WDA Family Fun Day

On September 27, 2014, the N4WDA sponsored a Family Fun Day at the Sparks, Nevada 4Wheel Parts Store. Despite the steady rain, a number of hardy four-wheelers proudly entered their 4x4s in the Show-N-Shine competition. These are hardcore trail vehicles that often double as daily drivers. No “trailer queens” here! Northern Nevada four-wheelers have access to the Rubicon Trail and many other rough backcountry venues. In this HD video, see how these no-frills 4x4s are set up for some of the hardest trails in the Far West!

U.S. Forest Service and local volunteers at Dog Valley

On June 14, 2014, U.S. Forest Service staff and local volunteers collaborated on a project at Dog Valley near Verdi, Nevada/California. Within the Toiyabe National Forest, the pristine meadow land had been threatened by careless users. Volunteer workers from the Nevada 4WD Association, Hills Angels 4×4 Club of Reno and the Friends of Nevada Wilderness joined ranks and helped build a wooden barrier adjacent to the road. Nevada Energy provided the heavy poles and other materials. In this HD video coverage, see the intensive work involved and spirited effort to protect our public land.

Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association logo

The Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association joined ranks with the Pine Nut Mountains Trails Association, Sierra Stompers and the Komstock Krawlerz to remove a monumental amount of trash and debris from the Pine Nut Range. In this 25-minute HD video, see what it takes to keep our backcountry clean and continue to enjoy access to our Public Lands!

2014 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari at the Anza-Borrego

Join the fun at the 2014 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari. This annual Anza-Borrego Desert event draws four-wheel drive enthusiasts and OHV recreationalists from the entire Southwest. See why thousands meet here each year! Five HD videos cover the family activities, runs, vehicles, famous raffle and fireworks show.

Larry McRae interview at the 2014 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari!

Larry McRae, President at Poison Spyder Customs and BFGoodrich® Tires performance team member, attends the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari each year. From a four-wheeling family, Larry learned desert challenges early on. In this three-part HD video interview at the 2014 Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari, Larry McRae talks about four-wheeling, off-road tires, the TDS event and his #4415 Ultra4 racing Jeep!

Jake Munoz climbing into his 1951 Jeep CJ3A flat-fender 4x4!

Jake Munoz has endured seven major spinal surgeries and remains committed to an outdoor lifestyle. As an avid four-wheeler, Jake has dramatically modified both his family life and approach to four-wheeling. A devoted father and husband, he strives to set an example for his kids and other family members. In this interview, Jake Munoz explains his adaptation to major back and cervical surgery challenges. He has much to share with those going through similar procedures and recovery.

2013 SEMA Awards Breakfast

One of the most coveted awards in the automotive industry is a SEMA New Product or Vehicle Award. In this HD video coverage from the 2013 SEMA Show, 4WD Mechanix Magazine shares the winners of this year’s new products and the vehicles judged best suited for aftermarket accessories and upgrades.

Roger Norman, President/CEO of SCORE/HDRA

At the 2013 Lucas Off-Road Expo (Pomona, CA), BFGoodrich® Tires hosted a VIP Tour. The select guests visited the BFG Tire display booth, met key BFG off-road race drivers, toured the show floor and had lunch with Roger Norman, President and CEO of SCORE/HDRA. This insightful, three-video series takes viewers on the BFG VIP Tour with Bob Bower, Jeff Cummings and the BFG guests!

Frank DeAngelo inducted into ORMHOF

October 4, 2013—Off-road racing professional, friend and leader Frank DeAngelo earned induction into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame at the annual banquet. A 35-year career advocate for off-road racing and motorsports, Frank DeAngelo has worked with both BFGoodrich® Tires and Jackson Motorsports. Frank’s induction is the first under the “Special Achievement” category!

Walker Evans honors Frank DeAngelo

The morning after the induction of Frank DeAngelo into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, BFGoodrich® Tires and Jackson Motorsports hosted the Frank DeAngelo Breakfast. This unique, historic gathering brought together prominent members of the off-road racing community. They spoke candidly about the extraordinary contribution Frank DeAngelo has made to the sport—and to the entire off-road racing community. Witness this extraordinary moment and learn more about Frank DeAngelo and other off-road racing legends—through their reflections and stories!

Dynamic Diesel, Inc., opens its new shop at Sparks, Nevada!

Dynamic Diesel, Inc., has been a valued sponsor at 4WD Mechanix Magazine and HD Video Network. Taking good care of customers has led to the expansion of Dynamic Diesel, Inc., to a new 30,000 square-foot facility located at 2080 E. Greg Street, Sparks, Nevada. In this 1080P HD video coverage, 4WD Mechanix Magazine covers the Grand Opening. See the shop’s expanded light- and medium-duty truck repair and service facility—join the celebration at the new shop facility!

New Mopar/Jeep concept vehicle presented by Mark Allen

At the 2013 Moab Jeep Safari, Mopar executives and staff met with the automotive press. Mopar’s CEO/President Pietro Gorlier, Jim Morrison, the Director of Jeep® Marketing, Mark Allen of Jeep® concept vehicles and design, Chris Nowak, Senior Manager of Product Development at Mopar and others share the latest Chrysler Group and Mopar advances plus Jeep concept vehicles. Three 1080P HD videos also include details on the 2014 Grand Cherokee and debut of the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Click here to enjoy full-screen HD 1080P viewing—at the 4WD Mechanix© HD Video Network!

2013 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo includes numerous 4x4 clubs.

For the Sierra Nevada communities, the 2013 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo brought the four-wheel drive, ATV, motorcycle, boat and RV communities together. This year’s event drew a huge crowd, demonstrating the enthusiasm and growing confidence of consumers in this market. Click here to see this exciting event from the Reno Convention Center! The annual show, this year from April 5th to 7th, launched the off-road season for the Sierra region!

Mac's Custom Tie-Down demonstration at 2013 Moab Jeep Safari

In the ultimate demonstration of product integrity, Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs hangs a hefty Jeep JK Wrangler four-door—plus a car hauling trailer—from a boom crane! The 2013 Moab Jeep Safari provides the backdrop for this ultimate test of off-the-shelve, “Made in U.S.A.” tie-downs and straps. Click here to see the 8000-pound package leave the ground in this 1080P HD video exclusive!

Frankie D's site of the 2013 Outstanding Trails Awards ceremony

For the 2013 Outstanding Trails Awards ceremony at the annual Moab Jeep Safari, B.F. Goodrich Tires added Rancho/Dynomax and Raceline Wheels to the sponsor base. The “Moab Gathering” at Frankie D’s provided a media backdrop. Three national 4WD clubs received recognition and financial support for trail improvements. Click here for the event in 1080P HD video!

Shop floor at Advance Adapters, Paso Robles, CA

The week of January 20th-25th, 4WD Mechanix Magazine filmed at Advance Adapters (Paso Robles, CA) and the SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference (Santa Ana, CA). Advance Adapters footage is available as seventeen (17) edited HD videos at the magazine’s 4WD Mechanix Video Network. In this vlog, Moses Ludel talks about the road trip—click here!

The vlog below is the brief HD video introduction to the SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference. There are 24 individual HD video interviews with key manufacturers available at the “4WD New Products Channel” playlist…

2013 SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference, Santa Ana, CA

Introduction: SEMA-MPMC Media Trade Conference The 2013 SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference at Santa Ana, California, provided the opportunity for one-on-one interviews with key automotive aftermarket product manufacturers. For the latest in truck, Jeep and off-road 4×4 performance—plus engine tuning, lubricants, air induction, performance exhaust, chassis performance, transmission, clutch, engine performance programmers and suspension improvements—see the 24 HD videos in this series—exclusively at 4WD Mechanix Magazine and the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network!

Moses Ludel interviews Mike Partridge at Advance Adapters.

HD Video Interview: Advance Adapters President Mike Partridge In this candid talk, Moses Ludel and Mike Partridge discuss 4WD industry trends and the Advance Adapters role within the 4WD aftermarket. The conversation includes new 4×4 products, popular consumer interests and keeping production in the United States.

Mopar Jeep JK concept vehicle at SEMA 2012

HD Video: 2012 SEMA Show and Latest Products Review At the 2012, 4WD Mechanix Magazine explored the new products and vendors for the Jeep and Ram truck aftermarket. Warn, Bestop, Mopar, Griffin Radiator, Advance Adapters, G-Floor, VWerks, Campbell Hausfeld and others brought their latest products to the show. See HD video close-ups of products and new concepts.

2012 Moab Jeep Safari Area BFE

HD Video Series: 2012 Moab Jeep Safari Events At the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari, 4WD Mechanix Magazine covered several runs and key events in HD video. See more than a dozen feature videos, including Mopar concept vehicles, Ultra4 buggies, challenging trail runs with Jeep 4x4s, the vendor trade show plus the four-wheel-drive community playing for a full week at Moab, Utah!

Mopar concept vehicle at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari

HD Videos: Mopar Presentations and Trail Run at 2012 Moab Jeep Safari At the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari, Mopar sponsored a media trail run and Mopar concept vehicle launch. Jeep CEO Mike Manley, Mopar CEO Pietro Gorlier, Mark Allen and Jim Sassorossi presented. Join the new product introduction, Hemi V-8 conversion for the JK Wrangler, the Mopar Media Trail Run and more in this HD video series! There are seven HD videos at this link/page!

Pentastar 3.6L V-6 Jeep engine on display at Moab 2012

HD Video: The 2012 Moab Jeep Safari Trade Show After a week on the 4WD slickrock at Moab, trail weary 2012 Moab Jeep Safari participants found their way to the Spanish Trail Arena for the trade show. This annual event brings the 4×4 aftermarket manufacturers and vendors to the public. See the latest products.

BFG Goodrich Outstanding Trails Rewards at 2012 Moab

HD Video: B.F. Goodrich Outstanding Trails Awards for 2012 During the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari, B.F. Goodrich held an awards ceremony for the U.S. Outstanding Trails. In conjunction with Tread Lightly, Inc., and United Four-Wheel Drive Associations, the awards went to the top three 4×4 club trails.

2012 Camp Wamp transportation by Jeep

HD Video: 2012 Camp Wamp The annual Camp Wamp for kids with disabilities provides a wilderness experience at the Sierra Nevada high country. Volunteer 4×4 drivers, the City of Sacramento’s Leisure Access program, the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation, and an extensive staff at the camp see that these special kids enjoy a bona fide summer camp experience. See the series of HD video coverage at 4WD Mechanix Magazine. There are six (6) HD videos at this link/page!

2012 Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo

2012 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo The 2012 Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo drew a large crowd. Enthusiasts, vendors, clubs and organizations gathered to celebrate off-road vehicles, 4x4s, Jeep 4WDs, ATVs, dirt motorcycles and RVs. Here is the HD video recap from the Reno Convention Center! There are four (4) HD videos at this link/page!

2011 SEMA Show at Las Vegas, Nevada

HD Video Series: 2011 SEMA Show at Las Vegas! The 2011 SEMA Show at Las Vegas, Nevada, was a stellar event! Get insight and new product information in this HD video coverage of key off-road and 4WD equipment suppliers, including Mopar, Mopar Performance, Jeep, Ram truck, Warn Industries, Bestop, Advance Adapters, ARB Accessories, Griffin Radiators, Full-Traction Suspension, Hanson, MSD, CompCams and more!

2011 Off-Road Expo at Pomona, California

HD Video: 2011 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo The 2011 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo took place at the Pomona Fairplex on October 8th and 9th. An estimated crowd of 40,000 spectators enjoyed two days of off-road vehicle displays and aftermarket product offerings. The key manufacturers of off-road, aftermarket products made the event. In this two-part HD video series, see your favorite race cars, displays of aftermarket products plus several off-road racing personalities!

Whether you enjoy family four-wheeling, adventure destinations, trailering, off-road racing or hardcore rock crawling, 4WD Mechanix© Magazine’s ‘4WD Video Network’ delivers high-definition programming! Open to full-screen, 1080P quality for maximum viewing enjoyment—or for detailed close-up tutorials! Want to discuss your technical and outdoor interests with like-minded enthusiasts? Check out the 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums! Click here for a guest visit to the forums!