4WD Mechanix Jeep 4×4 Section

4WD Mechanix Magazine’s Jeep 4×4 Section!

The Jeep JK Wrangler carries forth a long tradition of Jeep 4x4 technology and utility!

This section of 4WD Mechanix Magazine focuses on Jeep 4x4s and SUVs, including maintenance, how-to, Q&A, upgrades, lift kits, engine buildups, tuning, suspension and powertrain upgrades. Emphasis is on restoration, hardcore Jeep trail runners, overland Jeep 4WD vehicles and Jeep off-road performance 4x4s.

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Table of Contents for Jeep® 4WD Articles

  • Articles: Jeep How-to & Upgrades This section of the magazine has technical how-to, product installations, powertrain and chassis tuning plus performance tips. For axle, transmission, engine, transfer case, steering, chassis, suspension, tuning, welding tutorial and other in-depth coverage, see the many illustrated articles in this section.   Articles-Jeep-How-to-&-Upgrades.html
  • Use OEM Mopar Oxygen Sensors! Moses Ludel explains why Mopar should be your only choice for replacement oxygen sensors. Aftermarket ‘brand-X’ oxygen sensors often have the wrong fit and calibration. Mopar tune-up parts provide proper fit, maximum reliability and the best performance. Use-OEM-Mopar-Oxygen-Sensors!.html
  • Jeep Service Tools & Equipment A discussion of the tools necessary to perform professional caliber service work on Jeep 4WD models. Includes specialty axle, transmission, transfer case, powertrain, diagnostic and steering gear tools for professional Jeep 4WD work. Alternative and locally fabricated tools included! Jeep-Service-Tools-&-Equipment.html
  • Jeep 4WD Closed Knuckle Axle Lubricants 4WD Mechanix Magazine’s Jeep 4×4 forum posted a discussion about Willys and Jeep closed knuckle front axle lubrication. Selecting the correct steering knuckle and wheel bearing lubricants is crucial to safety and the longevity of the front axle components. Moses Ludel and forum member “backwoodsgoop” dialogue about grease options. Jeep-4WD-Closed-Knuckle-Axle-Lubricants.html
  • YJ & TJ Jeep Stroker Six Upgrade Moses Ludel shares details about the Jeep inline six stroker upgrade for the 1991-up YJ and TJ Wrangler. When the original 4.0L inline six is needs rebuilding, consider the 4.5L, 4.6L and 4.7L Jeep inline six stroker rebuild option. Complete history and evaluation available here! YJ-&-TJ-Jeep-Stroker-Six-Upgrade.html
  • Jeep Feature Vehicles This section features specially built Jeep 4x4s owned by the 4WD Mechanix Magazine readers, including hardcore Jeep trail runners, overland Jeep 4WD vehicles and Jeep off-road performance 4x4s. Jeep-Feature-Vehicles.html
  • 1918 Nash-Quad: Early 4x4s The Nash-Quad could very well be the predecessor to the 4WD Jeep! Despite Willys and Bantam’s contest to build the WWII “Jeep”, this 1918 Nash-Quad four-wheel drive has innovations and features considered optimal to this day! 1918-Nash-Quad-Early-4x4s.html

Jeep® is an icon in the global 4×4 world. 4WD Mechanix© Magazine delivers in-depth coverage of Jeep 4×4 technology, how-to and upgrades. In this section of the magazine, you will find useful articles and information on maintenance, repairs, upgrades, trail preparation, accessories for Jeep 4x4s and the Jeep® 4×4 lifestyle. Jeep is known as the most “personalized” vehicle brand around, and owners can benefit from the many articles and features available here.

At the 4WD Mechanix HD Video Network channels, you will find a variety of coverage on Jeep 4×4 activities, technology, how-to work and leading edge upgrades. At the magazine’s header on each page, click on the channel buttons to access the growing HD video playlists! Get your Jeep® information in full-screen HD 1080P video!

For additional discussion, get involved at the 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech & Travel’ Forums! These forums have an entire group section devoted to Jeep models and their needs. Get your tech questions answered and join like minded owners in pursuit of the Jeep lifestyle. Here is quick access to the Jeep® forums:

Jeep® 4WD Owners Group

Vintage Jeep® Vehicles 1941-71

Willys and Kaiser Era Jeep vehicles, including the military MB, M38, M38A1 and all CJ models. Also discussion of the Willys Pickup, Station Wagon and Panel truck models plus the FC150, FC170 and original VJ Jeepster and Kaiser-era Jeepster…(For Kaiser-era Jeep J-truck Gladiator and Wagoneer models, see the Jeep full-size truck forum.) Share vintage Jeep 4×4 information, experiences and how-to restoration tips here!

1972-86 AMC/Jeep® CJ and Jeepster Models

This community represents owners of 1972-86 AMC-built Jeep CJ and Jeepster/Commando models. Includes the CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7 and CJ-8 Scrambler 4x4s. The era includes AMC inline sixes, four-cylinder engines and AMC V-8s. Share how-to, upgrades and experiences!

Jeep® YJ Wrangler, TJ Wrangler and LJ Wrangler

Discussion and information sharing on 1987-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler and 1997-2006 Jeep TJ and LJ Wrangler models. Includes AMC and Chrysler era vehicles, the LJ and Rubicon editions plus all four-cylinder and inline six-cylinder engines and powertrains.

2007-Up Jeep® JK Wrangler 4×4

This group discussion covers the 2007-up Jeep JK Wrangler models. Includes the 3.8L and 3.6L Pentastar engines, the Rubicon edition and the 2- and 4-door models. All things JK are on the agenda, join the Jeep JK Wrangler community here!

Jeep® XJ Cherokee, MJ Comanche Pickup and Grand Cherokee

Covers 1984-2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee and the MJ Comanche pickup models. All 2.5L fours, 4.0L sixes and the 2.8L ’84-’86 V-6 included. Buildups and discussion around the popular Jeep inline stroker six! Also includes the 1992-up Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0L, 5.2L, 5.9L, 4.7L and later high-tech engines.

FSJ Models: Full-Size Jeep® Gladiator and J-Truck, Cherokee, Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

1962-91 Jeep J-trucks, full-size Cherokee and Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer models covered here. Includes Kaiser-era Gladiator, Wagoneer and Super Wagoneer, AMC-era J-truck, Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer (through 1991 Chrysler era) plus the military M715 Gladiator based trucks.