Honda XR650R Top-End Engine Rebuild Trailer

Dirt four-stroke motorcycling part of your off-road lifestyle? This video trailer is brief highlights from the Vimeo On Demand streaming how-to 90-day rental on rebuilding the Honda XR650R upper engine. The instructional video features easy to navigate chapters. For access to the entire 54-minute program, including the bonus segments on valve adjustment and tuning tips […]

Trailer: Dirt Motorcycle Final Drive Chain and Sprockets Replacement Plus Performance Upgrades

     Dirt and dual-sport motorcycles require routine chain maintenance and periodic parts replacement. This is the trailer for the 28-minute HD video.The magazine’s Honda XR650R dual sport-converted enduro bike gets final drive system attention, which presents an opportunity to upgrade the chain and sprockets.      The detailed, step-by-step coverage of this important service […]

Press Conference: SCORE International’s “Baja 1000 Experience” at the 2014 SEMA Show, Las Vegas, Nevada

The 2014 SEMA Show at Las Vegas, Nevada featured the first SCORE International ‘Baja 1000 Experience’.The newest addition to the SEMA Show attracted a large crowd. This HD video covers the press conference and BFGoodrich® KO2 All-Terrain tire comments!

Why I Keep This 30-year-old Honda XR350R Motorcycle

     Moses Ludel has owned and ridden this four-stroke 1984 Honda XR350R since the mid-‘nineties.  The magazine also features a Honda XR650R motorcycle that serves as a dual-sport video filming platform.      Both of these four-valve, single cylinder four-stroke “thumper” motorcycles deliver the performance and reliability that is characteristic of a four-stroke dirt […]

11.5″ and 9.25″ AAM Axle Rebuild TRAILER

One of the most popular how-to HD video streaming rentals is Moses Ludel’s detailed coverage of the AAM 11.5″ and 9.25″ AAM axle rebuild, dealing specifically with these AAM axles and packed with insights into setting up any ring-and-pinion gear set…Click here to access this easy to navigate Vimeo On Demand streaming HD video rental!

Trailer: Aisin AX15 Rebuild How-to

Technical articles and how-to videos have been filmed, narrated and edited as Vimeo On Demand productions.This trailer (above) shares details from the popular Aisin AX15 transmission instructional rebuild. The instructional HD video features chapters to provide the easiest navigation possible in how-to and training videos. Access the 94-minute streaming rental feature at Vimeo On Demand, […]

Mounting and Balancing BFG KO2 Tires at the Discount Tire Store

Testing new tires requires a solid baseline. These tires need proper mounting and balancing on rims that run true. When 4WD Mechanix Magazine prepared for testing the new BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires, the first stop was the local Discount Tire Store. Professional mounting and balance provide a consistent standard for accurately evaluating these tires, and Discount […]

Routine Service & Preventive Maintenance

Routine Service & Preventive Maintenance

Jeep 4WD How-to: Routine Service and Preventive Maintenance The TJ Wrangler brought a traditional Jeep 4WD utility model into the modern era. A 15% stiffer frame and Quadra-Coil® suspension distinguish this rugged model. The subsequent JK Wrangler frame is even beefier and more rigid! Chassis tuning is at the suspension level with these Jeep models. […]