Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Q&A Vlog: Testing the Condition of an Automotive Battery

Q&A Vlog: Testing the Condition of a Jeep, Truck, SUV or ATV Battery

In this Q&A vlog, Moses Ludel describes the symptoms and simple tests to determine the condition of an automotive battery. Learn about normal battery voltages and “load testing” to identify damaged or defective cells. Separate battery troubles from starter and charge circuit problems on your Jeep, truck, SUV, motorcycle or ATV/UTV.

Digital volt-ohmmeter for testing electrical and battery issues
 Test battery voltage away from the battery

The digital volt-ohmmeter (left) is a valuable troubleshooting tool! At right, a fully sealed battery reduces risk of dangerous hydrogen gas leakage. If the battery has ventilated caps or a suspected case crack, it can seep flammable gases—the slightest spark could cause an explosion!  If a battery is vented, check the voltage away from the battery at the alternator charge lead stud or a solenoid junction!