Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Q&A Vlog: Testing Ground Circuits and Wiring Integrity

Q&A Vlog: Testing Ground Circuits and Wiring Integrity

In this HD video vlog, A Jeep owner has trouble with the gauges and engine tune on his early YJ Wrangler. Moses Ludel recommends the troubleshooting and diagnostics tools for checking circuits, grounds and voltage drops. The use of a volt-ohmmeter, lamp load test and other techniques apply. Wiring integrity and proper splices are also discussed.

Digital volt-ohmmeter is optimal tool for checking continuity and wire resistance. 
Fuel tank sender and pump module for early YJ Wrangler

Volt-ohmmeter and lamp load testing each serve electrical troubleshooting needs. The fuel pump module requires a proper power source and ground. Gauge and pump troubles can result from poor grounds. For more information, see the HD video (above) and the fuel pump replacement article by Moses Ludel.