Jeep 232, 258 and 4.0L Inline Six and 2.5L Valve Adjustment

AMC/Jeep® Inline Six Hydraulic Lifters and Valve Adjustment

     The subject of valve clearance on AMC/Jeep 2.5L fours and 232/258 and 4.0L inline six-cylinder engines is topical at the magazine’s forumsand across the internet!  In this vlog, Moses Ludel talks in depth about checking and setting valve clearance on 1964-2006 AMC-Jeep inline sixes.  Want to demystify the subject of valve clearance settings on an AMC/Jeep® engine?  Watch this vlog!

     Note:  1964 to early ’70s engines have rocker shafts and non-adjustable rocker arms.  Later sixes have pedestal rocker arms that are also non-adjustable.  Moses Ludel talks about various methods for setting the valve clearance and how to properly compensate for wear, cylinder head surfacing, valve grinding and changed valve seat depth or valve stem heights.


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