Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Video: Youth Wins Ride in 4WD Desert Race Car!

Youth Wins an ‘E-Ticket Ride’ in Brad Falin’s Desert Race Car!

Austin won a ride in Brad Falin's potent desert race car!

Fernley, Nevada, July 23, 2011—As a community service, Brad Falin donated a race car ride to the Lyon County Search and Rescue (SAR) fund drive. The bingo winner for that round was fourteen-year-old Austin, a California youth who was visiting his grandparents at Fernley. 

     Grandpa was busy with an SAR training session, so Grandma took Austin to Brad Falin’s race shop on Saturday morning. Austin took one look at the big-block V-8 powered race car, and his face broke into a grin…He knew this was no ordinary dirt buggy!

  Thanks to his grandparents, one bingo game and Brad Falin, Austin now has an extraordinary ‘how I spent my summer vacation’ story to share. One possible title: “High Speed Thrills in a 4WD Desert Race Car.”

Watch the video and enjoy the ride with Brad and Austin! 

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—Moses Ludel