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Video Review: HTP America's Newest Striker Stealth CSV Welding Helmet!

HTP America has launched an advanced auto-darkening helmet! See the details about the patented CSV lens and superior welding protection. If safety and your eyesight are priorities, learn more about the HTP Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet in this HD video review!

HTP Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet Older auto-darkening welding technology

At left is the advanced, lightweight HTP Striker Stealth CSV helmet that meets the highest safety standards in the world. At right is a popular helmet that also offers 1/25,000th second darkening. The difference, however, is the HTP helmet's quality and engineering—which exceeds all current safety requirements. The older helmet meets ANSI standards—at the 1989 level.

HTP Striker Stealth welding helmet lens Control dials on Striker Stealth welding helmet lens

 At left is the HTP Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet's lens assembly. The viewing area is exceptionally large: 9.6 square inches! Dials (seen at right) adjust sensitivity, shading level and the time delay—quickly!

Adjustable headgear on HTP Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet Ultra light weight of HTP Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet

 The headgear is very comfortable. Front and rear pads are replaceable. This is a quality assembly and ultra-light in weight. At right, the helmet reveals its compact, easy to wear profile. This is optimal for daily use. 

Comfortable headgear for HTP Striker Stealth CSV helmet Gear ratching headgear adjustment for Striker Stealth welding helmet

The headgear assembly is sturdy and adjustable, and the entire assembly can be positioned closer or further from the shield as needed. The green, rachet adjuster knob is easy to turn—even with a glove in place.

Safety neck protection for welding Our shop chooses the HTP Striker Stealth CSV welding helmet.

The rim of the HTP Striker Stealth CSV helmet accepts a leather neck protection apron. Use this kind of protection to shield your neck skin and thyroid area from damaging and unhealthy ultra-violet radiation. Welding does not need to be a hazardous occupation. For those of us who enjoy welding, skin and eye protection assures long access to the trade and reduces health risks. The auto-darkening helmet goes far to protect eyes from UV radiation—and makes the welding process much easier!

For more details on the full line of HTP America welding products, visit the HTP website at: