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HD Video Review: Cold Fire—Advanced Fire Suppression Equipment!

Cold Fire® suppression systems use a totally new approach. In our HD video review, see the details and hear about this advanced—and environmentally friendly—fire suppression equipment! 
Cold Fire suppressing agent in a water fire extinguisher Old fire suppression equipment and required inspection 
At left is the newest fire suppression approach—Cold Fire®. Relying upon non-toxic, plant-based chemical technology, this system is way safer to use than traditional dry chemical fire extinguisher systems (at right). Highly effective, Cold Fire® quickly suppresses a key "fire triangle" element: HEAT! 
Fire safety in a welding environment Backcountry four-wheeling fire risks 
Two obvious places for Cold Fire® are the welding area of a shop and the stowage compartment of a backcountry 4x4! At left is the heat source for melting metal, which Cold Fire® can quench and cool quickly. Beneath the XJ Cherokee (right) is cheatgrass that fuels range fires and presents a major hazard off-pavement. 
Trail running and family campfires Aerosol cans for Cold Fire suppressant 
On the Rubicon Trail (left), a family stores camping gear in the trailer or Jeep 4x4. At right is the backup for an unruly campfire—or a vehicle fuel or underhood fire hazard. Cold Fire® works on most fires—with the exception of electrical fires. The water-based product has the same "non-toxicity" as pure water! 
Belt loop strap holder for Cold Fire Variety of uses and packaging for Cold Fire 
Whether you equip your shop or welding area with a Cold Fire® canister type extinguisher or simply tote an aerosol can in your vehicle, this product could be a lifesaver. Its unique ability to reduce heat rapidly provides solutions for ultra-hot fires and surface areas that need quick cooling or an effective heat barrier—including people or pets in an extreme emergency!
For more details on the Cold Fire® fire suppression products, visit the Cold Fire Southeast website at: