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HTP America: Top Picks for Quality Welding Equipment and Supplies

HTP offers an extensive line of welders, plasma cutters, accessories and welding supplies. High quality, affordable HTP equipment can be seen working at the welding section of 4WD Mechanix Magazine.

In these economic times, cost and value are very important to Jeep 4WD hobbyists and 4×4 shops specializing in Jeep-related repairs, modifications and upgrades. Having taught welding and automotive/diesel technology at the adult vocational level, I value the range of equipment available in today’s marketplace.

HTP products offer exceptional value and performance. Here are my top picks from the HTP catalog. Click on each product description below to quickly download a PDF of catalog details. For a complete catalog, visit the HTP America website ( or phone for a free catalog at 1-800-USA-WELD!

See why HTP America is my first choice in affordable, high quality welding equipment and supplies:

Invertig 201 and accessories

HTP ‘TIG/GTAW’ Welders and Equipment

Invertig 201 TIG and Stick Welder—The 201 does more than just look good in the catalog! This is the 200 amp AC/DC TIG machine that I chose for my shop! The Invertig 201 will handle steel, aluminum and exotic alloys welding.

Invertig 130 DC/HF TIG and Stick Welder—Inverter technology is phenomenal. With the 130, you can perform D.C. TIG welding on 110V current! This machine is ideal for exhaust and other tubing chores, it’s portable, easy to strike and highly efficient in its class.

HTP Tungsten Grinders—Admittedly, I am attuned to hand grinding tungsten tips. Here’s a way to save time and break the grinding wheel habit! Check out this outstanding performer.

Flex Neck TIG Torch Head—A weldor can stop being a contortionist. Whether you use an HTP TIG welder or another brand, check out this torch head. I use one on my Invertig 201!

HTP Swivel Head TIG Torch—Are you building a roll cage for your Jeep 4×4 or desert race vehicle? You’ll really appreciate this torch’s ability to reach out, over and around that tubing!

Pyrex Cup and Gas Lens Kits—Clear Pyrex cups are a phenomenal asset—for beginners and professionals! HTP has Pyrex cup and gas lens packages that make viewing the weld puddle easy. This is also a great instructional tool—as you will see in my ‘how-to’ TIG welding projects at the 4WD Mechanix Magazine website!

HTP ‘MIG/GMAW’ Welders and Equipment

HTP MIG 200—MIG welding thicker metals requires amperage. This 220V machine meets that demand. It will run all fluxcore and bare metal wire types.

HTP MIG 140—Great performance for the muffler shop, body shop or hobbyist. Welds steel plate to 1/4″ thickness, which includes motor mounts! Even better, this is a 110V machine that, like all other HTP welders, minimizes electricity usage!

HTP Flexible Swan Neck MIG Gun—Maneuvering with a MIG welder is often a challenge. Standard guns are rigid and bulky. HTP’s Swan Neck gun makes chores like tubing or exhaust work a breeze. Check this out! Available for HTP and other MIG welders.

Welding Accessories

Striker Helmets—Do you weld a lot and want to preserve your vision? I do! The HTP Striker line of welding helmets is tops. You’ll like the protection and comfort these helmets provide. A quality helmet is always a wise investment.

Heat Sponge from HTP America

Heat Sponge and Other Welding Aids—There are ways to make your welding projects easier. Explore the extensive line of welding aids available at HTP America. You’ll appreciate products like Heat Sponge!

Quick Notching Tools—Tubing cuts for roll bars, brush guards and bumper work can be challenging. HTP offers notching tools that can minimize your cutting chores and provide a safer means for quickly fitting up tubing.

Plasma Cutters, Spot Welders and Body Shop Tools

MicroCut 301 and 625 Plasma Cutters—Metal cutting plays a large role in metal working and welding projects. HTP offers a select line of plasma cutters and body shop niche tools.

HTP Max Dryer and Super Dryer—Body shops and plasma cutters require clean, dry air supply systems. HTP offers two premium air system products for eliminating harmful moisture and contaminants.

Plasma Cutter Parts and a Circle Cutting Attachment—HTP offers a full line of plasma cutter accessories for HTP cutters and others. The circle cutting attachment is a boon for critical holes and round cuts.

HTP Spot Mill and Drill Bits—HTP offers an outstanding tool for quickly removing spot welds. There are a variety of accessories, including spot weld drill bits, to support the Spot Mill system.

HTP Quick Spot II and Accessories—An outstanding spot welder that produces factory-like spot welds! Body shops and serious hobbyists will appreciate this professional solution to a sheet metal challenge.

Clecos for Body Panel Work—Described as “extra hands,” these removal rivets provide an outstanding method for holding panels together when welding. See the Cleco kit and other niche body work tools in the HTP Catalog!

Stud Setter Kits—Pulling dents out of panels is simpler and faster with these kits and other HTP body work tools. The HTP catalog is full of specialty items that make body shop work easier!

HTP Products

Phone HTP America for a free catalog…See the many quality items offered!