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Test Results: Evaluation of the New Griffin Jeep XJ Cherokee Radiator!

4WD Mechanix Magazine tested the latest Griffin Radiator solutions for XJ Cherokee engine cooling. In this HD video, get the results of the prototype radiator installation. See the full series of HD video how-to at this section of the magazine site!

(If you have the bandwith, these HD videos can be set for 1080P quality and full-screen viewing!)

Prototype at left—traditional 2.5

     Griffin Radiator, a division of Griffin Thermal Products, produces high efficiency radiators for on- and off-highway vehicles. Well known in commercial vehicle, racing and off-road competition circles, Griffin builds exceptionally durable, efficient radiators. Griffin Radiator offers a variety of engine cooling solutions for Jeep 4WD models and Dodge-Ram trucks.

Other HD videos at this section of the magazine share how-to steps for the Griffin JeepXJ Cherokee radiator installation plus additional how-to coverage of the radiator, installing a water pump, fan belt and the Griffin-Spal electric fan wiring!

      "Cooling system challenged" since the introduction of the 4.0L inline six in 1987, the XJ Cherokee is a prime candidate for cooling system upgrades. Since 1987, the XJ Cherokee's 4.0L inline six has gained horsepower, struggled with air conditioning and power steering, battled the off-road elements and crawl challenges—all with a radiator squeezed into the low-profile core support.

XJ Cherokee pulling a light trailer in high desert country!

     The magazine's 1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee is a multi-purpose, trail/street driven vehicle with its original 4.0L engine—at present...The vehicle features air conditioning, power steering, a 6-inch long arm lift, 33" tires, ARB Air Lockers front and rear, 4.10 gearing, a Warn winch and hefty aftermarket front and rear bumpers. This Jeep goes down the road at 800 pounds over original curb weight...We really needed a Griffin Radiator cooling solution! 

Newest Jeep XJ Cherokee radiator from Griffin Radiator

     In this how-to HD video series, Moses Ludel installs the new radiator and describes its fit and performance gains. Boasting twin Spal fans mounted on a Griffin shroud, the all-aluminum radiator includes a built-in brass transmission cooler for the AW4 automatic transmission.

     This Griffin radiator retrofit for the XJ Cherokee is the most advanced design to date...The 4.0L Cherokee has been plagued with a short, wide OE radiator, crammed in front of an inline six-cylinder engine...Griffin designed this radiator with a high tech core that provides the same capacity as much larger aftermarket radiators, including high performance designs capable of handling racing engines in the 280-plus horsepower range! 

Stroker crankshaft brings 4.0L to 4.5L, 4.6L or 4.7L displacement, based on bore size chosen.

     Today, owners take the 4.0L to 4.5L/4.6L or 4.7L with the use of a stroker crankshaft, adding even more load to the cooling system with the increase in horsepower...The only solution is a radiator that flows more (GPM or GPH), has more core surface area and uses better materials—the reason for our testing the latest radiator offering from Griffin Radiator.

     Jeep XJ Cherokee owners have discovered the 'stroker motor' upgrade described in detail at 4WD Mechanix© Magazine...The 4.6L or 4.7L stroker engine raises performance on the 4.0L inline six to the 230-280 horsepower range in trail-street tune...These engine builds, with this level of horsepower output, demand an improved cooling system. Within this HD video how-to series, see Griffin Radiator's advanced solution for Jeep XJ Cherokee cooling!

Click on this banner for direct access to the Griffin Radiator website!