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2010 Stampede Ultra4 Race— Qualifier for 2011 "King of the Hammers"

Getting ready to race!

Video Series, Part 2: The Race Start!

     Reno, Nevada—On September 11, 2010, the inaugural Stampede Ultra4 Race began at Exit 28 Motorsports Park east of Reno, Nevada. A field of more than fifty racing 4x4s launched onto the motocross track at 30-second, timed intervals. From this action packed start, these Ultra4 vehicles headed out for 22 miles of tortuous Nevada desert and rock terrain that would test drivers, navigators and machines.  

   Hours later, the participants would describe the three-lap, sixty-six mile course as the roughest 4x4 race imaginable—tougher than Baja and right up there with the King of the Hammers! The Stampede Race served as a qualifier for the 2011 Johnson Valley 'King of the Hammers' event ahead.

    I began video filming at the Exit 28 start, where you can see each 4WD vehicle that competed in the race. 18 of the starters will finish this race. Many vehicles dropped out in the first of the three, 22-mile laps. For drivers and spectators, the start was a high performance stretch compared to the rest of the course. See the racers and their fresh, high performance off-road race cars, launching into the inagural, 2010 Stampede Race!

  Note: The 'Part 1' video shares the tech inspection and close-up view of these Ultra4 type race vehicles, by far the toughest 4x4 race equipment in the field...'Part 3' is the rockcrawling pile action, the ultimate challenge of the Stampede Race. Below is the Part 2 Video: "The Start," a 17-minute, action packed video of the race start at Exit 28. Enjoy all three segments!

—Moses Ludel


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  You can view this video in either the viewer frame above or in full-screen, lower resolution format...—Moses Ludel

2010 Stampede Race Photo Proof Sheet: Race Photos Available!

   Racers, fans and sponsors...Interested in purchasing select images of the Stampede Race? You can preview a proof sheet. The PDF file will download for viewing at low resolution. 

   Note: These are low resolution "proofs" only! Original images and any ordered prints are ultra-sharp and in vivid color. The .jpg files will produce professional enlargements from 8" x 10" to 20" x 24" size if desired. B & W 'press photos' are also available from these images. Website sizing is available as well.

Click here for a proof sheet PDF download!

   Review the proof photos. "Zoom-in" on images to identify photos. Single out the images you like and ask for higher resolution samples before ordering the digital copies or prints.

   If you are interested in a photo/photos, simply send a 'Q & A' inquiry through any of the website 'Q & A' submission links. We will respond with details and cost quotes for digital .jpg files or gloss prints to your size request.

  Any purchased photo will be finely edited for the final image. Again, the proof sheet is a only a "raw" and low resolution image, directly from the camera and not "touched up."

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