Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – Scenic Outdoor and Wildlife Art

Scenic Outdoor and Wildlife Art

Fine art outdoor photography available in B&W and color…Download the PDF “proofsheet” (a low resolution version) of Moses Ludel’s wildlife shoot: “Wild Horses in Winter”. High resolution, fine art photo paper print images available in sizes to 30″ x 40″, mounting and framing available . Contact Moses Ludel for details!

Stallion caring for the band
B&W of Stallion guarding the band

Stallion watching over the band…including this mare about to foal.

B&W Aging and Wise Stallion
Aging and Wise Stallion

Aging and Wise in the Wild!

Growing Wiser by the Day!
B&W Getting Wiser by the Day!

Hearty life with challenges ahead…

B&W of Growing Up in the Wild Horse Country!
Growing Up in the Wild Horse Country!

Winter coat—scars reveal struggles for ranking…

Fine Art Paintings of Wild Horses by Lisabelle

Fine art oil painting by Lisabelle*, inspired by “Aging and Wise in the Wild”. Prints available from “Art by Lisabelle”. For more details on fine art and portrait work, visit the Art by Lisabelle website.

*Lisabelle is a recognized, award-winning portrait artist with over twenty-six years of experience in the painting of fine art portraits. Art by Lisabelle includes a broad spectrum of works, including Impressionistic landscape paintings, realistic still-life, abstract and realism in floral painting. Fine Art by Lisabelle and many commissioned portraits are in private and corporate collections from coast to coast. For a gallery of available landscape and wildlife paintings, visit Art by Lisabelle or contact: