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Review: Die-Tech Off-Road's Jeep Wrangler Mirror Relocation Brackets 

Tools and parts necessary for the mirror bracket installation Die Tech Off-Road's mirror relocation brackets for the Jeep TJ Wrangler
Tools for installation are minimal. A battery-powered bit driver and Torx® bit will quickly remove factory screws—with minimal risk of stripping out the heads! Die-Tech Off-Road brackets are of highest quality and welded properly. The U.S. engineering and build reflects in the welds, fit and finish!
Using battery powered bit driver Door jamb dome light switch
At left, stock mirror is removed. This is the first time we installed these brackets, and the job is very easy. Follow instructions, use the right tools, and you will avoid any cosmetic damage. At right is the OEM door jamb dome light switch. If you remove the doors, make sure the dome light is turned off!  Otherwise, you will find a dead battery after the vehicle sets.
Driver's side view mirror relocated Mounting passenger side mirror
Left mirror is quickly mounted to the bracket and placed on the OEM door hinge pin. All original hardware is reused, this is a very simple changeout and will make it easy to reinstall the stock doors and mirrors when the weather changes! A TJ Wrangler Rubicon installation, the passenger side bracket and mirror go into place at the right. Installation the first time around took less than forty minutes—thanks to the impact bit driver.
Die Tech Off-Road mirror bracket installs at door hinge. Factory Jeep Wrangler mirrors mounted on Die Tech Off-Road relocation brackets
At left, the new bracket looks "factory" and fits perfectly! With both brackets in place and mirrors installed, the view without doors is just like stock. Die-Tech Off-Road has these brackets for both the Jeep TJ/LJ Wranglers (Rubicon included) and the Jeep JK Wranglers (2007-up), including the Rubicon and Unlimited Editions.
For more information, contact Die-Tech Off-Road at (678) 423-2876 or visit the Die-Tech Off-Road website: