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Q&A Vlog: Setting Base Spark Timing for a Retrofit HEI Distributor

An aftermarket HEI distributor is the topic at this "4WD Vlog and 'Live Tech' Q&A" session. Moses Ludel discusses how-to set base spark timing with a tachometer and vacuum gauge. He describes the aims of spark timing and maximum engine performance. The viewer's 'Q&A' engine is a Jeep 4.0L inline six at the Philippines—converted to carburetion with a conventional, retrofit HEI ignition distributor.

 Jeep inline six HEI retrofit distributor from 4WD Hardware  MSD Pro-Billet is available for the Jeep inline six cylinder engines.

At left is a Jeep inline six replacement distributor in HEI (G.M. type coil and cap) design from 4WD Hardware. At right is the MSD Pro-Billet distributor that fits Jeep inline 232/258 sixes and has earned 50-State legal status with a California/CARB E.O. number. Each distributor will fit a 4.0L engine; however, the OEM AMC/Jeep 4.0L engine was only available with EFI/MPI.