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GDiesel Fuel: Better Performance and Mileage With a Cleaner Tailpipe!

Moses Ludel tours the GDiesel Peru Heights Plant east of Sparks, Nevada, camcorder in hand! See why 4WD Mechanix© Magazine now runs GDiesel in the '05 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD.
(This HD video may be opened in 1080P, full-screen mode for detailed viewing.)

GDiesel refinery at McCarren, Nevada

May 10, 2012—A unique and innovative diesel fuel breakthrough is available from Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC. GDiesel produces more power, lowers emissions and yields better mileage in a pump fuel that does not require any engine modifications. Clean exhaust is notable, while many owners experience lower pyrometer temperatures under load.

GDiesel is available at Reno/Sparks and soon Las Vegas, destined to be marketed nationwide and globally over time!

      4WD Mechanix© Magazine, has begun testing "GDiesel" in the '05 Ram 3500 4WD Quad Cab pickup. With a 5.9L Cummins engine, 8900 pounds of curb weight and a lot of trailering chores ahead—this is an optimal testbed for the breakthrough fuel. Preliminary findings have the Cummins 5.9L getting 8-11% better mileage with noticeably improved power.

     Our plan is to test this fuel and report the results steadily at the magazine. Stay tuned for more details on GDiesel!

Peru Plant for GDiesel at McCarran, Nevada east of Reno/Sparks