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MIG Welding Project: Building a  Spare Tire Carrier with the 'Pivot King' Square Tube Axle!

Pivot King triple bearing axle

When the XJ Cherokee's six-year-old tire carrier began to sag, the time was right for a MIG welding project. (Any excuse will do!) Rather than scrap an otherwise perfectly good spare rack, I opted to install the versatile Pivot King square tubing axle kit.

Fabricating a tire carrier upgrade with Pivot Kit

     Designed as a platform for the do-it-yourself tire carrier builder, the Pivot King axle fits thick walled, 2" square rectangular mild steel tubing, the most common tubing used in better tire carriers. While it took more time to retrofit the Pivot King than I spent installing the manufactured carrier, I'm now thoroughly convinced that the task was worthwhile. For quality engineering, the Pivot King square tube axle has no rival.

Pivot King sleeve on tubular steel tire carrier

     Whether you want to construct a tire carrier from scratch or restore your existing assembly, this slideshow is the place to start. You will see my retrofit of the Pivot King and the necessary fabrication work. There's plenty of MIG welding along the way. Enjoy the video slideshow!

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   For a direct link to the Pivot King website, click here!