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Jeep 4WD How-to: XJ Cherokee & MJ Comanche Workshop

XJ Cherokee at Camp Jeep® Virginia Moses Ludel Installs an XJ Cherokee Lift Kit

  With 2.8-million XJs built from 1984-2001, the used market is plentiful—and pre-owned models are cheaper (per capita) than any other used Jeep 4x4 in history! Featuring a virtually bulletproof powertrain, with axles similar to the rugged YJ Wrangler's units, the lightweight XJ Cherokee and MJ Comanche provide a stout, utilitarian platform that performs.

Tip: Looking for a used XJ Cherokee? Avoid the original '84-'86 G.M. 2.8L V-6 models unless you plan a G.M. 3.4L V-6 long-block upgrade or a swap to another engine type!

XJ Cherokee on trail July 2010

     Moses Ludel became an XJ advocate after building a stone stock '99 model into an OFF-ROAD Magazine project vehicle in 2006. This vehicle has been a commuter and trail runner, Moab 4-Wheeler Television performer, and it features a 6-inch long arm suspension package, ARB Air Lockers front and rear, Toyo tires, American Racing wheels, Superior gear changeouts, a Warn winch plus ARB and Warn bumpers—it's all available for the XJ Cherokee! Who did all of the installation and mechanical work? Moses Ludel, of course!

     If you like the idea of a compact utility wagon with a closed body, a roster of available factory and aftermarket accessories—plus driving ease both on- and off-highway—consider this 101.4" wheelbase model. The XJ or MJ will take a reasonable off-road pounding and survive, with extensive off-road and JeepSpeed® racing laurels to the XJ's credit! For a low admission cost, join the XJ Cherokee owners group! To prep and keep your off-road XJ or MJ at peak performance, get your facts at 4WD Mechanix Magazine!

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