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Video Introduction to the 'How-to: Welding Class'

In this video, Moses Ludel welcomes viewers and students to the 'How-to: Welding Class' at 4WD Mechanix Magazine. Hear what you can gain from these free tutorials!

Tip: Open these video frames to "Full-screen" mode for maximum impact—this is HD video and full-screen ready!

 In addition to the introduction video and three sample videos on this page, see the HD video listings for more 'how-to'—beginning with Welding Safety and Protective Wear!

Learn to fix broken castings! 

     4WD Mechanix© Magazine presents this free, in-depth welding class series. Structured, HD video lessons cover each of the popular welding processes: oxy-acetylene (gas) welding, stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW). The courses also include gas cutting and plasma cutting, bronze brazing and high-temp silver brazing.

    Learn to TIG repair cast iron, alloy steel, aluminum and specialty metals!

     Moses Ludel instructs these classes, sharing over four decades of professional exposure to welding. A past instructor at Job Corps and Rite of Passage, Moses served as the Director of Vocational training at Rite of Passage (1999-2004), where he developed effective adult education automotive/diesel and welding curriculum.

TIG restored casting now good as new!

     You will find easy-to-follow HD video lessons with close-ups of welding, brazing (including high-temp silver brazing) and cutting processes. In addition to improving your welding skills, Moses Ludel discusses metallurgy, how to select the right filler materials and the best welding processes for particular projects and metals.

Older Jeep iron castings are rare and worth restoring!

     Do you fabricate race buggies, trail 4x4s or high performance cars? Want to improve your shop skills and make field trail repairs? Benefit from 4WD Mechanix Magazine's "How to: Welding Class"...

See these three 'Preview' HD videos to learn more about the course method and the kind of presentations you can expect from Moses Ludel...In sequence, classes begin with gas (oxy-acetylene) welding then advance to AC/DC stick (SMAW), MIG (GMAW) and TIG (GTAW) welding processes. Expect plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting, too!

 Preview Part 1—See how Moses Ludel presents a TIG repair of a broken casting, discussing the metal type, considering filler materials and sharing the welding process.

Tip: Open these YouTube frames to "Full-screen" mode for maximum impact—this is HD video and full-screen ready!

Preview Part 2—Moses Ludel advances the TIG repair to the welding process, sharing more about the base metal, the best approach and actual HD video close-up of the welding.

Tip: Open these YouTube frames to "Full-screen" mode for maximum impact—this is HD video and full-screen ready!

The Part 3 of the 'Previews' shows more hands-on TIG welding in close-up HD video. Moses shows ways to improve a broken casting—to keep it from failing in the future!

Tip: Open these YouTube frames to "Full-screen" mode for maximum impact—this is HD video and full-screen ready!

Like these three 'Preview' videos?...If you prefer learning from insightful discussion, hands-on demonstration plus visualizing a process unfold, then you'll like these classes! 

Moses Ludel welcomes all interested welders and newcomers alike—he's open to questions, too! "Tuition" is free...Open enrollment—Join!

HTP America Welding and Cutting Equipment

4WD Mechanix Magazine thanks the folks at  HTP America and Weld Mold Company for making the "How-to: Welding Class" possible!

Weld Mold Company