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Video How-to: Picking the Right Tools to Carry in Your Off-Road 4x4!

See how Mark approaches his tool choices and which spare parts make sense for his kind of four-wheeling—which includes the Rubicon Trail, Fordyce and other rugged Sierra challenges. (If you have sufficient broadband, set the HD video for 1080P mode and full-screen viewing.)

Broken 4x4s require tools on the trail!

At the 2012 Moab Jeep Safari's Warn Industries media run, the lead Jeep TJ Wrangler snapped its tie-rod! A group of enterprising 'wheelers, aided by a portable welder, were able to get the Jeep 4x4 back on the trail.

   Trails and challenges have gotten rougher over the years. Today, the properly equipped 4x4 includes a variety of tools and spare parts. "Overlanding" or "wheeling", off-road vehicles take a severe pounding.

  In this HD video, a hardcore Reno, Nevada four-wheeler shares his onboard tool and spare parts inventory. This video is a good place for any serious trail runner to put time and energy. If you want to take the risks of four-wheeling in the roughest country, it's only fitting that you bring along the necessary tools and spare parts to get your Jeep 4x4 home!

  An additional requirement is the knowledge and understanding of how to use tools properly and the steps for installing parts. Here, 4WD Mechanix© Magazine can be a vital resource.