Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – How-to: Setting Up the Arc Welder

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‘How-to’ Welding Class: Setting Up an A.C./D.C. Stick Arc Welder

In this HD video, we set up the stick arc welder in both A.C. and D.C. modes. Learn various settings available and when they apply. Subsequent sessions will help improve your stick welding skills. See the series of HD video welding sessions and demonstrations—at 4WD Mechanix Magazine and the 4WD Mechanix Video Network!

(If you have sufficient bandwidth, this HD video can be opened in 1080P quality at full-screen size.)

HTP America 221 machine ready for stick welding 

     This session of the ‘How-to: Welding Class’ focuses on setting up A.C. or D.C. modes for stick welding (SMAW). The video demonstration features the highly versatile HTP America 221 Invertig TIG/stick machine.

AC balance and frequency settings

     A simpler “buzz” box typically offers A.C. stick welding mode. Some machines offer A.C. and D.C. modes. The HTP America Invertig 221 is a versatile A.C. and D.C. inverter TIG machine, with optional liquid cooled torch. The 221 can double as a professional grade stick welder. Shown here are balance (left) and frequency (right) adjustments.

HD video: Setting up Invertig 221 for stick welding

     In the HD video, the Invertig 221 settings help illustrate the options for stick welding. See the video for details on settings, modes and polarity, important to your success at stick arc welding. 

Setting the amperage and voltage

     Shown here are the quickly adjustable amperage and voltage settings for stick mode welding on the Invertig 221. The dial can change amperage in seconds over the full range of weld settings. Voltage changes follow the amperage setting.

HTP America 221 Invertig is an A.C./D.C. TIG unit with stick welding option. Earlier Invertig 201 TIG/stick welder from HTP America

     Invertig 221 in TIG mode (at left) delivers professional grade results with far less electric current draw! Workhorses like the HTP America 221 and earlier HTP Invertig 201 (right) can double as stick welders. They operate on 230V single phase for U.S. electrical circuits. (Non-U.S. configurations are also possible.) At the magazine’s shop, we use a dedicated 60-amp circuit (paired 30-amp breakers) as our welder-only power source. Wiring size exceeds code standards and requirements throughout this circuit. 

     Note: At the magazine’s shop, we use a dedicated 60-amp circuit (paired 30-amp breakers) as our welder-only power source. Wiring size exceeds code standards and requirements throughout this circuit. “Out-of-wall” amperage draw for the Invertig 221 in 230V single phase mode is 26 amps at a 220 amperage setting in TIG mode; 32 amps for a 200 amperage setting in stick mode. “Buzz boxes” and other types of transformer welding equipment draw considerably more amperage at each current setting. Inverter technology like these HTP machines has advanced our welding capability and saves energy!
     Caution: Breakers, plugs and wiring gauge must exceed requirements for the maximum load draw by a safe margin. If you are not familiar with electrical work, get a qualified professional to assist.

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