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How-to: Jeep Engine Cooling—Repairs, Upgrades and Improvements

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Moses Ludel describes features of a prototype Griffin radiator for the Jeep XJ Cherokee!

Cooling the Jeep engine has always been a concern. Designed to operate in the harshest 4x4 environments, the original Willys MB battled North African desert heat, sweltering South Pacific humidity and freezing winters at Northern Europe!

WWII MB Jeep 4x4 faced engine cooling challenges.

More than 500 horsepower in a Jeep CJ!

Modern Jeep 4WD vehicles carry forth a demanding off-pavement tradition that dates to the earliest Willys MB. Rugged trail use, winter chores, high horsepower V-8 conversions, plus a host of trail accessories, raise the Jeep cooling system challenges.

     Off-pavement rock crawling and summer desert driving are just a few of the modern challenges. Air conditioning, an automatic transmission, power steering and other engine-driven accessories—like off-road air compressors and an alternator-powered frequency welder—place a weighty load on the engine's cooling system.

V-8 Grand Cherokee trail runner at Moab, Utah

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and XJ Cherokee have each struggled with cooling system issues. These problems—and their solutions—get covered throughout this section of the magazine!  

Hybrid engine conversions have been popular for Jeep vehicles.

Engine swapping has been a popular Jeep mainstay since the post-WWII era. Here is a one-off early 'Sixties swap: a 196 Rambler six stuffed into a vintage Jeep CJ-5! By 1971, AMC's 232 and 258 inline sixes would become Jeep factory fare. Cooling a higher horsepower engine always requires more radiator capacity and fan air flow!

     Jeep 4WDs are often candidates for more horsepower, which raises the cooling system demands. V-8s into Wranglers, stroker inline six buildups for the XJ Cherokee or Wrangler, even the stock Grand Cherokee V-8s, each require more cooling to handle the horsepower and BTU increase.

Jeep 4WD Wrangler rockcrawling at Area BFE, Moab, Utah

     This section at the magazine is devoted to Jeep cooling issues and solutions. You will find articles and HD videos covering common problems, how-to repairs, step-by-step upgrades and tests of Jeep 4WD cooling system improvements.

See the sub-section pages for a variety of articles, HD videos and how-to on Jeep engine cooling!

See the Griffin Radiator website for the latest cooling technology!