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Two HD Videos: Jeep XJ Cherokee Engine Cooling Problems and Solutions


This HD video discusses the Jeep XJ Cherokee's engine cooling system issues and the system's design. 
(Note: If you have the bandwidth, these HD videos can be set and opened in 1080P quality and 'full-screen' mode!)

These two HD videos clarify the XJ Cherokee's engine cooling system design, trouble spots and Griffin Radiator's solution...The following HD videos cover installation of the Griffin radiator and results!

This HD video describes Griffin Radiator's latest engine cooling solution for the Jeep XJ Cherokee. 
(Note: If you have the bandwidth, these HD videos can be set and opened in 1080P quality and 'full-screen' mode!)
See the how-to installation for this Griffin radiator, plus step-by-step HD videos covering installation of a replacement XJ Cherokee water pump and serpentine belt!

Moses Ludel discusses the Jeep XJ Cherokee cooling demands.

     The XJ Cherokee came originally with a 2.8L V-6 (1984-86) or 2.5L four...In 1987, the XJ Cherokee gained the new AMC 4.0L inline six with EFI and 177 horsepower...The chassis and body remained virtually the same, however. The 4.0L engine relied upon a radiator that fit into the tight confines of the original XJ Cherokee body.

Griffin Radiator makes racing, high performance and OE replacement radiators.

     Radiator at left has been a proven Griffin high performance XJ Cherokee application with 2.5" thick core. The design requires some installation modifications. At right is the latest Griffin OEM replacement radiator with advanced technology—a high-output aluminum radiator with the option of two electric fans. Either version will readily handle the horsepower of a stroker inline six build-up! The new radiator at right is a direct fit.

     Since 1987, the XJ Cherokee's 4.0L six has gained more horsepower, struggled with air conditioning and power steering, battled off-pavement elements and taken on rock crawling challenges. All of this relies upon an engine cooling system with a low-profile radiator core!

Rebuilding a 4.0L often turns to building a 'stroker' six

     Today, owners take the 4.0L to a 4.5L, 4.6L or 4.7L displacement with the use of a stroker crankshaft. The increase in horsepower adds even more load to the cooling system...The solution is a radiator that flows more GPM or GPH (gallons-per-minute or gallons-per-hour), has more core surface area and offers more efficient materials. For a high output radiator, we turned to the latest XJ Cherokee radiator offering from Griffin Radiator.

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