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How-to Video: Installing a Griffin Radiator Spal Electric Fan System

In this HD video, Moses Ludel wires up the Griffin JeepXJ Cherokee radiator's Spal electric fan system. Other segments of the series provide additional how-to steps on the Griffin radiator's installation plus how-to replace a 4.0L engine water pump and serpentine fan belt.
(If you have the bandwith, these HD videos can be set for 1080P quality and full-screen viewing!)

Griffin Radiator's wire harness and relay kits for the Spal fan option

     Years ago, Jeep four-wheel drive vehicles relied strictly upon a mechanical, engine-driven fan. Over time, aftermarket electric fans became efficient enough to handle auxiliary loads, much like OEM electric fans. Today, electric fans have gained prominence for their ability to handle the complete cooling needs of an engine. This has freed horsepower and relieved engines of burdensome engine clutter.  

Newest Jeep XJ Cherokee radiator from Griffin Radiator

 Griffin Radiator builds engine cooling systems for highway vehicles, off-highway equipment and racing. The company's engineering includes highly efficient electric cooling fan systems. In testing the latest Griffin Radiator solutions for Jeep XJ Cherokee engine cooling, we included the optional Griffin/Spal twin electric fans and shroud. This integrated system provides a complete cooling package. 

    Color-coded wires and harnesses from Griffin Radiator

     In testing, the fans have proven their high CFM capacity and efficiency. The package offers far better cool-down, temperature control and reserve capacity than the factory engine driven fan with an auxiliary OE electrical fan! We are confident of our choice and value the significant performance gains. Note: You will find our test results in the HD video evaluation of the Griffin Radiator cooling upgrade package. 

  Use convolution tubing, quality electrical tape and heat resistant plastic ties
     Dependency on electric fan cooling requires more than reliable fans. It also demands a wiring system and hookups that will not fail under severe loads. There is no room for error or slipshod workmanship when you travel into rugged backcountry or deserts!
For the 1987-up XJ Cherokee chassis with a 4.0L inline six-cylinder engine, or even the 2.5L four, cooling has always been an issue. Griffin Radiator meets the 4.0L and 'stroker six' cooling challenges! In this HD video series, see the installation steps for Griffin Radiator's latest Jeep XJ Cherokee radiator.
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