Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – How-to: Gas Welding Session Three

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How-to: Gas Welding Session Three—Tip Size, Gas PSI & Metal Thickness

In this ‘Session Three’ HD video, learn to match mild steel metal gauge size, gas welding tip size and gas pressures for the welding torch.

(The video can be set and viewed in 1080P quality at full-screen mode—if you have the bandwith!)

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Gauge metal and tip sizes

Among the common challenges with gas welding is controlling the heat and molten metal puddle. Of course, this requires the right heat, applied correctly with the right timing. This level of control requires a consistent heat source at the correct temperature. Gas volume, gas PSI and welding tip size must be right for each gauge of metal involved.

Opening and adjusting gas cylinders

In this session, the discussion covers mild steel metal thickness, popular tip sizes and the gas pressure required for both the tip size and the metal gauge. If you select the right tip and set the right pressure, your welding project will be far more predictable. The finished weld will meet the standards you want, and you will be much closer to understanding the principles of welding and fusing metals.

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