Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix Magazine – How-to: Gas Welding Session Six

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How-to: Gas Welding Session Six—Running a Gas Welding Bead!

Part 1 of Session Six: Running a Gas Welding Bead


Part 2 of Session Six: Running a Gas Welding Bead


(The video can be set and viewed in 1080P quality at full-screen mode—if you have the bandwith!)

Gas welding: the first beads and welds

In this session, we run welding beads by controlling the molten puddle with the torch and adding filler metal to a puddle. These are the basic steps to gas welding and other welding processes. 

Filling a hole in the sheet metal

 We dip the filler rod into the molten puddle, at the right time, and the weld takes form. For fusing metal, we can even tack weld without the use of filler material (above). See the process unfold in this HD video session!

 View the Part 1 and Part 2 HD videos for insights into running a gas welding bead and using filler metal. The next sessions will go further into gas welding technique and provide practice steps for improving your gas welding skill.

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