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HTP America helps make the Welding Class possible!

How-to Welding Class: Gas Welding Session One—The Right Equipment

Enjoy this HD video, "Gas Welding, Session One—the Equipment!" (This frame can be set for 1080P and full-screen viewing.) Join us as the "How-to: Welding Class" moves ahead!
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Gas welding acetylene bottle and regulator

     Gas welding is the foundation for all forms of welding. In this how-to, Gas Welding: Session One, our focus is equipment. The discussion includes equipment you will need for oxygen-acetylene welding, brazing and cutting.

Brake pedal needs gas welding restoration  Oxygen-acetylene welding repair

Restoration of old, oxidized metal parts with oxy-acetylene gas welding  Frontside of repaired brake pedal

Restored brake pedal using oxy-acetylene process

Glass beading and a gas welding repair restored this vintage brake pedal, adding a brace and strength at the backside. The metal was too oxidized for TIG, too perforated and fragile for MIG and too unpredictable for stick. Gas welding with ER70 filler provided the control and heat management that works!

     Once you have your equipment, move to the next sessions, the how-to steps involved with gas welding metals. We will also explore gas cutting and low-fuming bronze brazing, silver brazing (high tensile silver "soldering") and other techniques. Review the equipment HD video and get ready for the next session. Welcome to  gas welding!

For niche filler rod materials, see Weld Mold Company!